Monday, February 6, 2017

Visiting Hours End At 6:00 p.m.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom was without her best buddy, T-Hoe, today. She had to make do with A-Cad, because T-Hoe is being kept overnight for observation.

I think he will recover. He's getting his oil changed as an afterthought, but will need a new tire (which means TWO new tires, good thing Farmer H didn't take him to The Good Feet Store) because one has a slipped belt. Also, he needs an autoride suspension sensor (Farmer H could just be making up that part) transplant, but we think he'll remain on the donor list forever, since Farmer H had his shocks replaced before, but not the sensor part. Poor T-Hoe. Either his brake pads (I really need to stop tuning out Farmer H like he's Charlie Brown's teacher), or, I fear, his rotors, are 3/4 gone! So he'll need a rotorectomy and implants. Then there's the backup beeper sensor cleaning. It DID work for one day when we had him serviced at the dealer last year.

You know Farmer H is off an extra two days a week now, right? So he can take T-Hoe for repairs any time. But he chose TODAY, which is when I had planned to go to the credit union and the bank with The Pony's tuition money withdrawal and deposit so I could write an eCheck. Then Farmer H said T-Hoe may be able to come home this evening, but he was just shining Mrs. HM on, because T-Hoe won't be released until TOMORROW evening. So I will be off to town in A-Cad.

I don't dislike A-Cad. I just prefer T-Hoe. I don't know how to change all the gizmos and gewgaws in A-Cad. At least I have my radio stations programmed. The mirrors seem to show me the side of the car, no matter how I adjust them. The shifter is in the middle, not on the column, so I'm always reaching into thin air to park. AND the wizards who designed those cup holders with the three inflaty-bumps inside the hole are nuts. It's hard enough to make a foam cup squish the three inflaty-bumps flat, and harder still to pull that foam cup out of the holder. I shudder to think what would happen if I actually wanted to pick up my cup and drink from it while driving.

Yeah. I'm missin' my road buddy tonight. And I'll really miss him tomorrow, when I have to contort my arm up over the window sill and down to the money slot at the bank's ATM to get replacement cash for Farmer H. That's a story for another day.


Sioux said...

You could always have Farmer H drive you on one of his many days off each week. You could ride in his car, and enjoy the chauffering around he can provide you (she said gleefully).

Hillbilly Mom said...

You are entirely TOO gleeful for your own good, Madam!

Let the record show that at one time, Farmer H and I DID ride together. When he worked down near Tower Grove and Vandeventer, and I worked by the Bevo Mill. I drove, and Farmer H slept. When we got to my job at the unemployment office, I got out and stood all alone until my boss got there to unlock the door. Farmer H got behind the wheel and proceeded to his workplace. In the evenings he picked me up, and swove us home. be young again, and a highway driver, and have no neck damage yet from the constant sweaving.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I know what you mean about preferring to drive the vehicle you are most comfortable with. I hate it when I have to drive the vehicle of HeWho smokes and has the seat too far back and the mirrors askance and the radio set to AM talk radio .....

Hillbilly Mom said...

I don't mind the bluegrass stations as much as the OLD, OLD country. It's even simpler than a Loretta Lynn song. I never heard of any of the geezers, who have probably been gone for 80 years. AND after Farmer H drives my T-Hoe...the side mirrors face up at the sky. He SAYS it's because the button that is supposed to take it back to my settings is messed up. I think that's how he drives.