Thursday, February 9, 2017

Farmer H Drops The Ball

Have I mentioned the neighbor dog Copper lately?

Copper's human daddy stopped to talk to Farmer H the other evening, over in the BARn field. He asked if Copper was bothering our chickens. Since we only have three left, and we STILL have three left, Farmer H said he didn't think Copper was eating the chickens. We only suspect him of one fowl snack, after finding the body over by his fence.

Then Farmer H confessed that he ran over Copper with the Gator. Just a little bit. And Copper's Daddy said, "If he gets in the way, run over him." See? That's what I like about a dog-nuisance neighbor. He KNOWS that if his dog is a nuisance, he deserves to get what's coming to him. I love my Puppy Jack, but I know if somebody takes a potshot at him, it's his own fault for chasing horses or taking the rocks out of their fish pond.

Anyhoo...Farmer H forgot to ask what Copper's real name is! Because, you know, he might listen better and GIT better if I could call him by name. He's been coming back over, now that the Rockers are gone. I had forgotten how annoying he can be. Today I left the back of T-Hoe open while I unlocked the Mansion door and carried in some groceries. When I came out, Copper was standing on the concrete behind the garage door, looking in like he was Farmer H spying on me after a trip to town. I made sure to close up T-Hoe's hatch as I carried the rest of the stuff to the side porch. When I stepped back in the garage to close the big door, it made a weird clicking sound, and the lights started flashing! That darn Copper was standing half in the garage, and the sensor kept the door from closing on him. Of all the times for something to work right around this place!

Today, Copper started barking at me again while I was walking at the end of the driveway. Right at that moment, Copper's human daddy came along in his city truck. Heh, heh. I guess he saw the evidence.

But...Farmer H did find out that Copper came from the pound. Since his human daddy works for the city, he got a "choice" of which pet to bring home. He said there were 5 pups, and the guys told him Copper was part shepherd. He turned and looked at Copper while talking to Farmer H. "I don't see NO shepherd in that dog!" So it looks like Copper cheated death when his human daddy brought him home.

I don't know. Maybe Copper COULD have a little shepherd in him. By the way his muzzle looks sometimes. But I don't know what gives him that wasp waist. He's longer and leaner than this angle shows. A bit lighter in color. And the flopped over little ears? Maybe a bit of yellow lab? Maybe some exotic killer?

All I know is that Copper creeps closer every day, giving my Sweet, Sweet Juno the whines, and Jack a big ol' galoot of a playmate. As long as Copper shuts up his barking and realizes that I am top dog, he can come play any time, just as long as he bristles at the crazy dog across the road again, standing with Jack and Juno to repel her.

But I draw the line at an evening snack.


Sioux said...

I hope that Copper can learn (and keep) some manners. Jack seems like he would benefit from having a buddy to romp with.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah. Right now I see them both napping in the front yard. They were up all night barking. I imagine Juno is hiding in her house.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I sense a softening towards Copper, won't be long and he will be eating out your hand!

Hillbilly Mom said...

ONLY because I saw him with Jack, defending the Mansion and its grounds from that psycho bob-tailed Rottweiler mix across the road, as Juno hung back. That dog has chased her, snarling, up on our own front porch!

Copper stands mournfully on the brick sidewalk, watching Jack and Juno eat their evening snack. I am NOT going to feed him!