Saturday, February 11, 2017

What Do You Get The Gal Who Has Everything?

Tomorrow my Sweet Baboo is taking me to the casino. I guess it's easier than buying me an actual birthday gift. Let the record show that my birthday is not tomorrow, but that's the best day for him to take me. And that the trip will cost HIM nothing.

Still, he's taking me. Never mind that the forecast calls for rain, which would prevent him from tooling around on the Gator and building more sheds. I asked if he was going to rush me out of there like usual, and he said that we have to leave by 2:00 or 2:30.

If I sleep in, in the manner to which I am accustomed, I will get precious little time to lose my money. So I asked when he wanted to leave, and told him what time to wake me, and he said, "Or...we could just leave the alarm set at the normal time of 5:30." Yeah. Okay. I'm pretty sure he's just trying to make me get up earlier. But I'm game for gaming. So 5:30 it is. That's still better than 4:50, when I used to get up for WORK!

Looks like it's turning out to be a good birthday. My best old ex-teaching buddy Mabel gave me lunch, a special collector pony to display with my others on top of the piano, and a Dolly Parton t-shirt. HOS gave me a card and some scratch-off tickets, and I won $15. The #1 Son sent me a card, addressed to "Mom," then our address. Cute. Maybe that's why he kept asking if I got it yet. He SAID it was because he had to tape it shut, but maybe he was rethinking his cutesiness. Farmer H gave me a card that plays "Celebration!" I'm all about the disco, you know. It sounded really cool at 3:00 a.m when I found it on the kitchen counter. The Pony says his card is on the way, but he only got it in the mail on Thursday, and you know how the mail goes around Hillmomba.

But the very best birthday gift of that Farmer H is WORKING FIVE DAYS next week! Sure, he'll have to take those days off to even up his hours at a later date. But he says he's planning a solo trip to Oklahoma to visit flea markets along the route.

I'm pretty excited.


Sioux said...

OMG. He's going to be makin a trip to Oklahoma soon?

Can he take my husband?


fishducky said...

Sounds like a good birthday for you!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

YES!!! And to France or Germany, too! I'm doing the Snoopy happy dance! I'm sure he would take your fella with him. Farmer H LOVES to talk about himself and his stuff. A nine hour drive would be perfect. As for the European'd need to get him his own ticket. AND the thought of them there together might make you never want to go to France again.

It was great! Actually, just the fact that I made it to another one was great! I don't take anything for granted any more, since my multiple bilateral pulmonary embolisms a couple years ago!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Happy Birthday to you. I have told my children that I am only celebrating decades now, so I won't be having another one for 7 years. HeWho occasionally tows has been getting early morning calls from his "boss". Just to chat. Really irks me, because I try to go back to bed with the canines and the phone wakes me. HeWho will go back to sleep and I end up getting up with the livestock. Boss Bud is going to be really surprised when I get to that phone first tomorrow and answer it. I can hardly wait to explain phone etiquette to him.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Thank you. Nice to know that you're on dog years now.

I am not happy with the security alarm company calling in the middle of the night. You would think that Farmer H's factory could select somebody who works more than 60% of the time to be in charge now.