Friday, February 3, 2017

Doggone Farmer H

Puppy Jack is an adolescent now, and he's showing it through his behavior and attitude. Yesterday, he durn near nipped off my nose while reaching his head under the stair rail while I was stretching on the porch steps. He was trying to snap at Sweet, Sweet Juno's ear, and she twisted her head behind mine as I bent over. I scolded Jack, but he didn't seem to care.

Jack thinks every time I have a phone in my hand, it's to take a picture of him. Even at night, when I walk out on the porch to make a previously-taken picture send from my phone to my email. He sits down to pose. If I WANT to take a picture of him, he's all hyped up like a ferret on crack, and can't stay in frame.

Farmer H is not helping. A few years back, he lost my Sweet, Sweet Juno. She had followed him when he took the Gator to load some sand from the second low water bridge where the creek floods all the time. Almost back to our EmBee turnoff, a dog ran out from a house, and scared her into the woods. Farmer H didn't tell me until almost sunset, after Juno had been missing since mid-morning. He and the boys searched all day, and lucky for Farmer H, he went back to that house as a last resort, and the #1 Son heard something in the woods, and walked over and started calling for Juno, and she crept out to him.

This morning, Jack tried to follow Farmer H to town. IN THE CAR. No. Jack wasn't driving the car, but Farmer H was, instead of his Gator. Jack ran all the way down to the blacktop county road where EmBee resides in her mailbox condo. As Farmer H drove the Trailblazer up the hill, Jack started running after him.

"I watched in my mirror until I got to that house by where Juno got lost. Finally he turned and went back. I was afraid he was going to follow me all the way to town. I guess he's used to me going up to HOS's trailer, on the other gravel road. Now he follows me in the car, too."

I am apprehensive. Jack is also a car-chaser. I've only caught him at it twice, here on the gravel road in front of the Mansion. No good end will come to him down on the county road. Besides, somebody might take him! He's just ugly enough to be cute, you know.

We are considering an intensive shock collar reprogramming session.


Sioux said...

HM--You two girls can shock the two guys into good behavior.

fishducky said...

Yeah, a shock collar on Farmer H might not be a bad idea!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

We can definitely shock them with SOME kind of behavior.

Heh, heh! I see what you did there!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Car chasing is a bad habit! Toni Louise was a car chaser until that dump truck hit her hard enough to dislocate her hip. I had a little dog when I was 14. He liked to chase cars, so my mother hit him with her car. Yes, you read that right, she did it intentionally. To teach him not to chase cars. Mother was ..... different. It broke his pelvis and gave my Dad a nice vet bill. But, no one ever tried to reason with Mother. Snuffy would hike his broken rear in the air and walk on his front paws. When he healed, he still chased vehicles and that is how he met his end. So, relate this story to the man of your house, lest he get any ideas about how to "cure" puppy Jack. I suppose I don't need to explain why I married at 15?

Hillbilly Mom said...

My mom ran over my dog, TOO! When I was 14! Except she killed him. We weren't all that attached yet, having gotten him from my grandma, who had several of them dumped on her farm. Still...I miss you, Charlie Brown! Oh, and my mom wasn't actively trying to run over him, he just got too close to the tire. I saw the whole thing, and she didn't swerve. I'm glad YOU weren't a car-chaser!

Farmer H said he DID run over Jack yesterday with the Gator. Not all the way over, but enough to get his attention, because he yelped and kept his distance. Jack has issues with personal space.