Saturday, July 8, 2017

Good Thing Farmer H Is Stuck In His Ways

Here's the update on our air conditioner. I'm sure you've been thinking about me all day, as you floated around your pool, or sprawled on your white leather sofa sipping a refreshing beverage. Wondering whether I'd reached the boiling point yet. Whether I was screaming like a teakettle whistle.

Let's just say that the evening was fairly warm. Farmer H turned on the ceiling fans, to stir the hot air. I toyed with the idea of not having my driveway walk, lest I never cool down. But since the temperature outside was nearly the same as the temperature inside at 8:00 p.m., I walked anyway. Running cold well water on my inner wrists helped cool me after the walk. Sitting on the front porch pew with the dogs didn't help much. No air was moving.

I was not at all tempted to turn on my underdesk heater at New Delly in my dark basement lair. The temperature down here was tolerable. But I did not turn on the heater in my OPC (Old People Chair) when I went out to watch TV. When I went to bed in the wee hours of the morning, the temperature was 78 degrees. That's a little warm for me, but the bedroom ceiling fan kept me from melting.

Farmer H had said he was getting somebody else to work on our unit this time, rather than Quartz Warming and Chilling. Yet when he came into the Mansion to tell me at 9:30 that the guy was on his was a guy from Quartz Warming and Chilling. Seems the other guy, who had started his own company, could not make it until one day next week. That's no way to treat Farmer H! Even though I'm sure we won't get such speedy service when he is no longer in charge of a factory which utilizes the companies he calls.

Anyhoo...I went on to town. I don't like people in or around my Mansion. I'd rather not be there to see it. I'm funny that way. An hour or so later, Farmer H sent me a text that the repair was made, we had cool air, and THE REPAIRMAN DIDN'T CHARGE HIM!

"He called his supervisor, and told him what he found, and he said NO CHARGE, that probably they should have noticed that wire the last time when they had it apart, or the guy might have accidentally bumped it with something and messed up the wire. But it IS a 15-year-old unit, so we got a deal with this repair. I'm glad the other guy was busy!"

Here's the thing. I'd told Farmer H that we shouldn't have to call repairmen every other month, pay them, then call them again because something ELSE was wrong. "If it wasn't for you knowing the people who run Quartz, I'd almost think they were fixing one problem, and then sabotaging something else so they can come back and charge us again." Except I didn't use the word sabotaging. I was talking to Farmer H, you know.

Farmer H explained that the last time they were here, they had to fix something that was broken. And this time, they found a wire that was broken. It had melted or vibrated itself in two. That the wire is what ran the fan which pulls the air across the coils and cools it and then pumps it out to the house.

YEAH! For one shining moment, I could picture it in my head, and knew EXACTLY what Farmer H was talking about! But then the Seinfeld trivia started elbowing it, and my lottery ticket strategy gave it a titty-twister, and the slot machine visuals gave it an Indian burn, and then my newfound knowledge kind of evaporated.

Like sweat off my face when I enter the Mansion after my walk now.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I don't care about the why's of the solution .... just fix it!!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Well, at least your AC didn't fall out the window and onto a car, many stories below.

Our lives have intersected again. Our AC died today. It's gonna be a long, hot weekend...

fishducky said...

God bless a working air conditioner!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes. And in a hurry!

And a wild-eyed psych ward patient hasn't jumped out a window and landed on the roof of T-Hoe parked in the best spot in front of the hospital where a pig-man is a patient, either!

NOOOO! I do not even wish such a catastrophe on YOU, Madam! That is terrible. You need to sit out in the yard, barefoot, preferably in a tank top and unfashionably-short shorts, in the shade, with the sprinkler going. So what if there's a little mud? Radar won't mind.

Yes! You don't know what you've got till it's kaput.