Friday, July 28, 2017

The Devil Is Playing Tricks On Mrs. HM

You know how much I love to shop at The Devil's Playground? Now it's even MORE pleasurable! Yeah. That's what you call SARCASM. I may not know my irony, but I've had sarcasm down pat since my first word, I think.


So...where I once could make up my list in order, with a mental picture of The Devil's Playground, I cannot. It's even worse than the Devil's Playground over in Bill-Paying Town. At least I was learning that there's no rhyme nor reason to their shelving. And I could remember which four aisles had bottled water. Now I don't know where anything is in my home-town Playground!

There was a young man (or woman, it was hard to tell) standing in the middle of the new main aisle, asking if we needed help finding anything. Not-Heaven YES! I needed help finding EVERYTHING. But short of handing "Pat" my list, I did not have high hopes for finding it all.

Now the aisles are narrower, too. They seem darker. It's like shopping in some third-world country, except there's a roof, and there are no flies swarming on exposed meat. This is devolution, my friends. The Devil's Playground is moving in the wrong direction. And now Mom and Pop are out of business, and we are STUCK on the wrong-way merry-go-round of The Devil's Playground.

I, myself, am not good with change.
But I'm pretty sure my neighbor Tommy's head might explode.


Sioux Roslawski said...

HM--Well hopefully gobs of the gray matter won't land on you.

fishducky said...

Change is fine as long as everything stays the same!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Hopefully. Farmer H is the one who drives Tommy to The Devil's Playground! It would have to fly a good long distance to hit me.

If you can needlepoint that on some pillows, I will go halvsies with you when I sell them on the counter at my proposed handbasket factory and Farmer H's Shackytown Theme Park!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My Walmart just did a remodel. Moved everything, but made the aisles wider and shorter. Meaning they dropped some product lines. Only goo thing about that is all the clearance items. It is a retail thing, if something is not selling .... move it and it will suddenly be visable in a new way.

Hillbilly Mom said...

When I was there on Saturday, they had MOVED STUFF BACK! At least the grocery part. There's a big blank area where the baby clothes go. Not that I'll be shopping there.

I think maybe they were putting down the new floor? It looks like marble tile, giant gray rectangles of it, instead of the square industrial tiles.