Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Putting Farmer H On Blast From The Past

A while back, Farmer H came home from work telling a story of how he was almost in some trouble. Heh, heh. Like anyone could believe THAT!

I think it was one of the times he returned from Sweden, or right before he went to Sweden. I don't keep good records where Farmer H's transgressions are concerned. It's enough that I catalog them in my brain, as to the severity, and how they affect ME. Dates are not that important. This tale has been on the back burner because it did NOT affect me.

Seems that Farmer H went out to lunch with some work cronies. Normally, he takes lunch by himself, grabs some hot dogs from the 7-Eleven, eats them in his car at the park, takes a nap, and gets rousted by the police because somebody calls and complains that there's a man sleeping in the park. Anyhoo...on this day, he went out to lunch, because one of the guys had his daughter shadowing him in the workplace. Farmer H never said specifically whose little shadow she was, but they wanted her to have a nice lunch. Not hot dogs alone in the park with the police.

When Farmer H got back to work after lunch, he was missing an important machine part. It was a tiny thing. Maybe the size of pencil-topper eraser or two. The way he described it, that part was like one of those little thingies that boys at school used to bring to shock each other with. It was black plastic and metal, and I don't know how they made it shock. I was in the business of taking them away, not drawing up a schematic.

Farmer H said that part was in his shirt pocket. One of the shirts that he gets from the uniform service every week. When he looked in his pocket, he noticed the lack of the important machine part, and an unraveled seam in the side of the pocket. He looked all around for the part, but the last he remembered seeing it, he had slipped it into his pocket when he went to lunch. Because you don't want a little part like that to get lost.

This part was for a machine in Sweden. There are only two such machines in the world. Farmer H said they MIGHT have been able to contract a company to make a part from his description, but that it would take too long and not be available when he needed it. Farmer H said there was nothing to do but go back to the restaurant and look for the part.

As he pulled into the parking lot, there was a guy leaving the parking space where Farmer H had been parked earlier. He stopped to get out, and that man hollered, "You ruined me from pulling out of this parking space!" Farmer H explained his predicament, and the man got out of his vehicle and walked around with Farmer H to help him look for the machine part. Because Farmer H is just that good with people who don't know him.

They looked all around that parking space, and around the lot. Farmer H was hoping that nobody had run over it and broken it in the time since he had left. Then the parking-space helper-guy said, "You don't think it would be on the sidewalk, do you?" So they looked on the sidewalk, AND PARKING-SPACE HELPER-GUY FOUND IT!

Which was a good thing. Because to hear Farmer H tell it, that uniform shirt pocket would have been even more ripped up if that part wasn't found...from Farmer H's tit being in the wringer!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Lucky he found it, although you failed to mention the value of the part. Must have been hard to replace, or he would have just bought another one.

Sioux Roslawski said...

HM--Yes, lucky he found it. Otherwise, they might have made him take earlier-than-early retirement...

(Wouldn't that have been a shame?)

fishducky said...

It's a good thing it wasn't in the stack of dirty dishes he always leaves for you!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I don't know if the part can be assessed a monetary value, since there are only TWO MACHINES in the world. So...those parts are not mass-produced, but would have to be made by a machinist according to specs sent by Farmer H.

Bite your tongue, Madam! There can be no earlier retirement. He tells me every day the countdown to his constant presence at the Mansion.

A good thing indeed, because who KNOWS how long it might have stayed there!