Friday, November 10, 2017

Don't Call Me Surly

A couple days ago I stopped by Orb K for some scratcher tickets. I asked for four different tickets, by number, as shown in their ticket case. The clerk repeated the numbers as she was getting out the tickets, and I said, "That's right." She scanned each one, shoved the tickets across the counter, and took my money. I thanked her, and turned to walk out.

About three steps from the counter, I noticed that I did NOT have four different tickets. I had two of one kind, and was missing one that I'd asked for. I went back and said

"Excuse me. You've given me two of the Big Money, and I'm missing a Money Multiplier that I asked for."

No big deal, right? I had specifically requested certain tickets, and all she had to do was tear off those tickets and give them to me. It's not rocket science. I've worked as a cashier at a convenience store. I know that things get hectic. Sometimes it's repetitive. It's easy to make a mistake getting out a numbered ticket. If I'd made such an error, I would have said to the customer, "Oh, I'm sorry. Let me have that extra one, and I'll trade you the one you asked for." Problem solved. Apology given.

That's not what happened here. It was the clerk with one front tooth. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But she also doesn't wear the uniform shirt, just a crew-neck t-shirt with a saying on the front. And she's kind of surly. It's a wonder she's kept her job, but for all I know, she's the manager or owner.

I had taken the second Big Money ticket, #37 from the roll, and pushed it across the counter, the #36 and the two other kinds of tickets laying in front of me. Surly reached over and grabbed all the tickets and shuffled through them. "Which numbers did you have?" she demanded. Okay. I can understand that she wanted to make sure I kept the first Big Money ticket. Just in case I was some weirdo who didn't get the number on the roll that I wanted, and tried to trick her into taking it back. She picked up the #37 and looked around. Then she got out the ticket I'd asked for in the beginning, the Money Multiplier. She started to SCAN IT to charge me for it!

The other clerk came over and said, "You don't need to do that. You're just trading her. Give her that one, and put the other ticket back in the case." Sure. No need to charge me, because I had already paid for four tickets, and I was going to be leaving with four tickets. At no time had Surly attempted to refund me anything for the wrong ticket that I had given back. I can still understand how she might have been confused. But it's not like she's a new employee. I've seen her working there for a while now.

Here's the deal. Surly acted all put-out with ME! I'm not the one who made the mistake. She'd even asked me for the numbers of the tickets I wanted before tearing them off. She had double-checked, and still gave me the wrong one. Thanks to the other clerk assisting, the issue was resolved. I did NOT appreciate Surly's attitude. A simple "Sorry," or even a neutral tone while she asked for assistance, would have been okay. I didn't need the sighing and the disgust she conveyed with every move.

I might have considered it fate, and walked out with the wrong ticket without causing a stir. But I wanted the tickets I'd asked for. I don't think I was out of line for asking to get what I paid for.

Let the record show that the ticket Surly had forgotten at first won me $5. It's the only winner I had out of those four. Of course, that extra ticket might have been a big winner...


River said...

she needs an attitude adjustment, or some retraining. Thank goodness the other clerk was there, you might still be there sorting things out if it was just her.

Sioux Roslawski said...

I think you need to find out if she is the manager or owner. If she is not, I think you need to contact the owner/manager and tell them about this encounter. This is not acceptable.

fishducky said...

You were very nice. She wasn't. "Nuff said!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

She seemed to by like Farmer H, only seeing things one way...HER way. Even when the other clerk told her what to do, she seemed skeptical, like she was just humoring her.

You know me, always sticking up for myself! NOT. I don't want her to get in trouble. I usually avoid her line.

Maybe there's just bad blood between us. The first time I ever saw her working there, she asked me if I got gas the day before. No. I never get gas there. Not even once. She called another lady in from the drive thru window, and said, "She SAYS she didn't GET gas yesterday."

Seriously? I can understand trying to track down a drive-off. I'm sure they have cameras and can check the tapes. If not, they're idiots, because Orb K is right on the highway, and has about 20 pumps. I don't mind them asking if I got gas. The sweet old mannish lady at Casey's has asked me a couple times if I had gas. Doesn't bother me a bit, because I get it there once a week. I just tell her no, or that I'm parked by the dumpster today, whatever. It was the WAY this gal acted about it. She has a terminal case of badattitudeitis, I think.

Thank you.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

"I am SO sorry to have inconvenienced you by having you simply do your job! Had I known this would bother you so, I would have taken my business elsewhere, as I am apparently a burden to your busy life!!" ..... "You don't seem to enjoy serving others, perhaps you should look into a career change." ..... "Are you this impatient with everyone, or is it just me?"
Yes, I have actually said all these things at one time or another when the situation called for it and you may feel free to use any of the above.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I LOVE the first one! Because, you know, it's a CONVENIENCE store, and I'm inconveniencing her! I'm not good with irony, but I think that might qualify.

Thank you for putting words in my mouth. Forewarned is forearmed. I'll probably chicken out and not use them, but at least I have ammunition for the battle.