Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I'll Be Looking Out For Bunnies On Easter

Yesterday was Halloween, you know. But I bet you don't know what I saw on the way home. Or maybe you do. Maybe some of you are freaky psychics who should get their own show on TLC.

I was driving along the wide street of stately homes over by the lake. Past the nursing home that Farmer H said I should go into (if I ever have knee surgery, he tried to clarify while backtracking at a record pace), the nursing home that used to be a hospital, the hospital where I was born. Of course this street of stately homes looked quite festive, with most people decorating their yards and porches for Halloween.

A lot of people take their kids there trick-or-treating. Maybe because of the yard decorations. Maybe because they think the people are rich and hand out good candy. I can vouch that this is not a correct assumption. The candy is the same you get on any street. Nothing special. I know, because we used to drive the boys to trick-or-treat on that street.

Now don't get me wrong. I didn't take them there seeking gourmet sweets in mass quantities. I took there there because we live out of town, and being driven to Grandma's house and Aunt Sis's house and the daycare lady's house isn't all that Halloween is cracked up to be. This street is by the library, and nice and wide so we could park and walk up, and then back down the other side.

Anyhoo...there I was, tooling along in T-Hoe, looking at porch ghouls, talking to Farmer H on the cell phone, when a BLACK CAT RAN OUT IN FRONT OF ME!

What are the odds, really, of that happening on Halloween?

I gasped, and told Farmer H what was going on, and that cat looked at T-Hoe's grill, turned around, and scampered back onto the sidewalk. Oh...I slowed down, too. Let the record show that! So I don't know if I'm going to have bad luck or not, since the black cat did not completely cross my path.

Perhaps my bad luck with a couple of crazier-than-normal weirdos at Casey's was a case of the cart being put before the horse. Maybe Even Steven switched things up, and gave me the bad luck before the cat.

Truth. Stranger (though sometimes less interesting) than fiction.


River said...

I like your theory, which explains why the cat turned back, recognising you as one who had already had the bad luck dished out.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Just don't go out and find a ladder to walk under or open an umbrella inside and you should be okay.

fishducky said...

Strangely enough, River's comment & your theory make sense!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

That could be the explanation! Surely that cat didn't think I was a cold-blooded cat-squasher behind the wheel of T-Hoe. He wasn't moving all that fast when he turned around.

I'll try to control those urges!

They do! But it also makes me think of that chicken and the egg question. Do I really know if it's to even out things that have already happened, or should I beware of what is yet to come from Even Steven?