Monday, September 3, 2018

Aloha, Eh?

Since blog buddy River asked about Hawaiian Rolls, here's the scoop. They're a brand of sweet dinner rolls that the Hillbilly family enjoys.

In fact, we enjoy them so much that this week, I bought TWO kinds. It also comes in a sliced bread version, and a round loaf of bread that sits in a metal pie pan kind of tray inside its wrapping bag. Of course we've tried them both, but you can't have every variety sitting in your cabinet at once. The round loaf would be good for hollowing out for dip, I imagine, but we just ate it like regular bread, slicing off pieces as we wanted.

Farmer H likes the mini sub rolls. He uses them to make sandwiches with deli meat and cheese. Or for a hot dog split in the middle and fried in a non-stick skillet until both sides get a little bit charred. Then he adds yellow mustard and sliced onion. The mini sub rolls are twice as long as a regular roll. So if you're out of mini sub rolls, you can tear off two consecutive regular rolls, slice them in half through their middle, and have a substitute mini sub roll.

I prefer the regular rolls. They're just the right size to accompany a salad instead of using crackers. Something about their sweet flavor perfectly complements ranch or bleu cheese dressing and the fragments of sunflower seeds and shredded cheddar that may be on the fork as well. These rolls are moist and sweet, and would probably have been loved by Heidi's grandmother!

There's also a version that is called Savory Butter, I think. Not sure of the name, but The Pony, a true Butterton, preferred them. As I remember, they look the same, with the same texture, but are not quite as sweet. They also come in a wheat variety, I think. We had them once, but in comparing the labels, the wheat version actually had more sugars and carbs than the regular. I was actually trying to help Farmer H with his low-carb diet, but since he shows no qualms about sneaking Casey's donuts every day, I realized that was an exercise in futility.

We LOVE our Hawaiian Rolls here in Hillmomba.


River said...

Thank you, I'm still imagining rolls with grass skirts though, because it's fun to think that. I like soft rolls these days too and if they're a bit sweet, like our Buttercup brand burger buns, that's even better. I remember Heidi's grandmother and how Heidi saved a bunch of soft rolls from her dinners when she lived in Frankfurt for a time and they went hard and had to be thrown away. I used to have the complete set of Heidi stories when I was very young.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I read the story, but I remember the movie on TV. And the time that a major network cut off the end of a close football game to start the movie!

I think the King's Hawaiian Roll company is missing out on a great marketing campaign with the grass skirt on a roll. Of course, these days there'd be an uproar bigger than that football game brouhaha, over cultural insensitivity.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

My husband likes soft rolls for his packed lunch but crusty rolls to eat with meals. Go figure....!!!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm sure there's a perfectly logical HIM!

fishducky said...

We used to buy & enjoy the bread; I have NO idea why we stopped!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Maybe that trip to Hawaii spoiled the whole concept for you! Or the lack of little grass skirts...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

HeWho is a big fan. I like them, but I also like other breads. Variety, you know. HeWho would eat the same thing day after day.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah, I DO eat the same thing every day!