Sunday, September 9, 2018

So Shockingly Similar

Let the record show that Mrs. HM apologizes profusely for keeping you in the dark for over three months. I know how you all must yearn for further photos of my nicked fingers and bruised extremities and routine medical near-maimings!

Way back in May, I had a routine 6-month doctor's nurse practitioner's appointment, which involves a blood test. I was running low on blog material that week, and as I neared the garage, I stopped T-Hoe to record my evidence. Pics or it didn't happen was ringing in my head, in Genius's mocking tone. Nothing interesting occurred at my appointment this time, so I kind of forgot about the photos. But I remembered them last night! When I had no topic to discuss.

The blood draw went smoothly. Barely even a little prick (heh, heh, I typed little prick), hardly noticeable.

Before I unwrapped that non-gaping wound to photograph it, I first took a picture of the wrapping itself.

Checking that snapshot on my phone, I decided that it included too much blurry foliage out T-Hoe's window. So I took another.

That one seemed okay, glancing at it on the small screen of my hand-me-down Genius phone. My main point was to document that flapping wrapping, just in case my arm had a big bruise. It hadn't been hurting, but you never know. If there was a chance of something gripe-able for a blog post, you can bet I was going to have photos!

So...those photos languished in my Pictures file for three months. Upon discovering them last night, I was SHOCKED to see that


I think, perhaps, I need to apply lotion daily.


River said...

They wrap your arm at the prick site? We only get a bandaid here.
My skin on my hands has that texture, in spite of applying lotion several times a day. It's called aging and we all must face it, sadly. Although I have to say my hands are in and out of water a lot what with dishwashing, hand washing of stained spots before the load goes in the machine, then there's the washing of hands every time I want to prepare food, or after being in the garden, coming home from the shops, patting the cat...., so my hands look like they are eighty while the rest of me looks a fair bit younger. And there's no fat on my hands to plump up the skin, having been a hardworking factory girl for years and years.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, they put a folded-up square of gauze on it, then wrap it. At least this one was beige. A couple times I got bright yellow. They used to put on the gauze, and then sticky tape that pulled off skin as well as hair.