Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ripped Froim A Page In The Stalker Handbook

I might have off-handedly mentioned in passing once in a blue moon that Farmer H is always turning up wherever I am. Whether it's in the kitchen to crowd into my space while I'm warming unhealthy food for his supper, or sitting at the table to lecture me while I'm washing dishes that couldn't be paper plates or plastic forks from the unhealthy supper, or sitting on the long couch while I'm trying to do my morning innernetting on HIPPIE...he always appears.

For a short time now, I seem to have dissuaded Farmer H from sidling into my dark basement lair while I'm having lunch. Or maybe it's just a happy accident, because I don't have lunch now until 2:30 or 3:00. guard has been down, as I've grown complacent with the kitchen/dishwashing/innernetting interruptions.

Wednesday, I walked out of The Gas Station Chicken Store, happily clutching my 44 oz Diet Coke in my left hand, along with some scratchers I'd traded a $20 winner for. Yes, I was virtually skipping with joy, having procured my two major addictions, with Chicken Bacon Ranch Pinwheels (finally in stock at Walmart) in a cooler in T-Hoe's rear, awaiting my lunchtime appetite. All was right with my world. All was ROCKIN' in my world!

A car was parked right next to T-Hoe! Backed in! The driver only a couple feet away from the door I would be unlocking and entering, while preoccupied with a 44 oz Diet Coke and some scratchers.


Uh huh. I knew the gray car was similar to his TrailBlazer, but a glare on the windshield kept me from seeing who was inside, until I was nearly to T-Hoe. Now Farmer H was following me to town, and waiting outside my daily haunts. Okay. Truthfully, he had been to the city already that morning, if I was to believe his text. And now he had turned up out of the blue, all up in my business.

Seriously. I think this might be in the Unofficial Stalker Handbook. How to discover your victim's routine, and plant yourself nearby to catch her outside of her vehicle, and away from people who might intervene.

At least it was during daylight hours, and not under cloak of darkness.


fishducky said...

Better Farmer H than an unknown stalker (probably)!!

River said...

Yeah, what fishducky said, but a Stalker Handbook??? instructions for stalking? That's just wrong.
Each stalker needs to develop his/her own techniques and quirks, making them much more easy to identify when apprehended. If they all start using the same methods, they'll be getting off scot-free saying it was someone else.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah. What's that saying? "The devil you know is better than the one you don't." Something like that...

Well, then. I guess we should ban The Stalker Handbook!