Saturday, October 6, 2018

You Can't Take The Teacher Out Of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom

Darn it! Now I'm in office supply mode! You know how some women get baby fever after holding a newborn? Not happenin' here! But mention office supplies, and that gets my heart thumping. Sweet, sweet office supplies! I love them! And blog buddy River mentioned them in her comment Thursday. That's what started me down this path. I'd resisted the urge when writing about Genius's clandestine hoarding tendencies. But reading about assorted supplies triggered me!

You can take Mrs. Hillbilly Mom out of teaching...but you can't take the teacher out of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom! How may other people do you know who take a picture of their Swingline stapler...and KEEP IT! This was taken back in February of 2016. The year I retired! I loved that stapler. It was the best stapler ever! It's here somewhere, in my boxed-up supplies. I really need to dig him out.

You might also notice the 4 writing implements on the desk. Of course I needed 4 to get through the day. The red Pilot Rollerball Fine Point for grading papers (you can see it's almost empty). The red pen (not my favorite brand, but you work with what you've got) for writing test scores and absences in the gradebook, because the Pilot seeps through the page. The black pen for writing on official hall passes and other documents, and taking notes on stuff. And the mechanical pencil for writing daily scores in the gradebook. I LOVE the feel of a mechanical pencil's lead against paper!

I never loaned out my mechanical pencils. It was precious hard to find the style I like. This is close. I'm not a big fan of those cushion thingies on the end, but the lead itself, and the eraser, were good.

I also happen to have another picture I took of some new office supplies! This one was taken in March of 2017. About a year after retirement. I'm thinking that I needed a mechanical pencil and a cheap calculator for fiddling with taxes, since they are due by April 15th.

Of course Mrs. HM can't buy JUST ONE mechanical pencil. Or cheap calculator. Nope. I couldn't resist that pack of mechanical pencils. When am I going to need 50 pencils? Not even when I was teaching would I need that many pencils! That's two per year for 25 years!!! I have had mechanical pencils that lasted two years or more! At work!

Anyhoo...even though I had my fantastic Swingline stapler, and a couple lesser staplers around the Mansion...I really wanted this cute little PaperPro stapler. It was in my former school colors, too! And those little boxes...well...I don't know what I'll use them for. But they're sitting right here on my desk by New Delly.

My name is Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, and I'm an officesupplyholic.


River said...

And are we officesupplyholics going to stop looking and buying?
Heck No!
Those little boxes could hold paper clips and staples and get a third one for usb sticks? (flash drives, thumb drives, whatever you call them, used for data storage and transfer, or for movies like I do)
Your stapler is prettier than mine.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It takes an officesupplyholic to know an officesupplyholic! That's a great idea, the flash drives in my little plastic crates! I have three of them right now, laying on top of my big speaker, next to my little speaker, always falling off when I reach to adjust the speaker volume.

I have to do that every day when I play a word game that is so old it has no onscreen volume adjustment. And it's LOUD when it comes on. Plus, computer people in the game insult me during play, and I don't like to hear them loud. It's Wordox in Hoyle Board Games. So old that my HIPPIE probably wouldn't even be able to run it.

I LOVE my stapler! He thanks you for the compliment.

River said...

I used to keep my flashdrives in a little gold coloured cardboard box, but it only holds about 6 and I now have way more than that. I fill them with movies or episodes of TV series that I really like, then when I'm not feeling so good, I can plug one into the port on the DVD player and watch several hours worth of movies without moving.