Monday, October 1, 2018

Sometimes, You Gotta Let Your Arm Get Twisted

I've been on a losing streak lately with my scratchers. Unless you count those three $100 winners I had a month ago. Of course I don't count them! They were JUST three tickets. I've had a bunch of losers since then.

On Friday, I thought my luck was turning around. I was shocked to have three winners. One of them for $50, one for $40, and one for $15. I figured it was either a fluke, or I was headed for a winning streak. That's usually how it goes.

Saturday, when I cashed in my winners at The Gas Station Chicken Store, my mashed-potato buddy was working the resister. I heard a man in front of me asking for certain tickets, and the Asian Guy Clerk said, "No. No. Uh uh. Nope." That's because he was out of the $2 tickets that guy wanted. So he bought other ones. I didn't see which kind.

AGC cashed my tickets, and I told him I wanted to spend $15, and take the rest back in cash. I took a $10 ticket, and pointed to a $5 ticket. "No." I chose another. "No. You have to take the VOICE, or the crossword." He said it so forcefully. Like I couldn't just decide to take the $5 back.

"Oh, okay. I'll take The Voice. I don't really like it. I've only won once on it, and that was ten dollars. It's too hard to scratch. But if you're going to twist my arm, I'll take it."

I guess it's a good thing for me that AGC was so persuasive. I uncovered the little microphone symbol, which is an automatic winner, on the first number. I was excited. Then I got it on the second number, and was whooping, all alone in my lair, because I knew I'd won at least $10. You can imagine how exciting it was to find winners under EVERY NUMBER. For a total of $100.

We'll see how long my lucky streak can last.


fishducky said...

You can do it, Val--The Force is with you (& so is Even Steven)!!

River said...

AGC is Even Steven in disguise?
I've had a small winning streak myself, even took photos of the winning tickets, so maybe I should do a post about them.

Hillbilly Mom said...

The Force WAS with me! Now, of course, I'm on a losing streak again. Probably until I spend that $100 back on tickets!

Yes, I would like to see your winning tickets!