Friday, January 24, 2020

Perhaps A Telling Picture

As you recall, I'm sure, T-Hoe has a tire problem. It's been brought to the attention of the self-proclaimed management. On Tuesday, I had a warning that tire pressure was low. So I took T-Hoe by the Sis-Town Casey's when I was over there at the bank to get coins for my daily 44 oz Diet Coke addiction. I shot ten pounds of pressure into that low tire.

Wednesday, Farmer H and I went to the city, so I didn't drive T-Hoe. Thursday, I hopped in, headed to cash my big scratcher winnings, mail the boys' letters, and get gas before more snow moved in on Friday. The warning light was on again. T-Hoe's left rear tire had lost 10 pounds of air in two days! I guess I didn't park with the leaky section down against the garage floor!

Anyhoo...I did my Devil's Playground shopping. When I came out of the store at 3:00, big flakes of wet snow were falling. The temperature was 35. I wasn't worried. I only had one stop to make, for my magical elixir. I figured I'd be home before the weather worsened.

Then I remembered that I still had to put air in T-Hoe's tire. I could steal a little FREE AIR from the Gas Station Chicken Store. The Sis-Town Casey's air hose had been occupied when I stopped for gas, pre-snow.

Let the record show that large flakes of wet snow are just like raindrops. Only prettier. But just as wet. I was soaked by the time I stole my FREE AIR. It didn't help that I had stopped with the valve stem all the way on the bottom of the tire. Like, exactly the 6:00 position. I climbed back in and pulled forward, to put it at the top. No need to stand on my head and pump in air that is being mashed out as soon as it enters.

Here's my view out the window as I'm leaving the FREE AIR theft scene.

You have to look closely to see the streaks of heavy snowflakes zipping by, against the background of the garbage dumpster behind the Gas Station Chicken Store.

That's kind of my opinion of Farmer H right now.

Let the record show that it was 32 degrees here, and 31 when I got home ten minutes later, with the road covered by snow.


River said...

Bring me the car, I'll get it fixed.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I KNOW! You are so much more efficient than Farmer H. And I'm pretty sure you're not trying to kill me...