Saturday, August 13, 2011

All Good Things Must End

This is the official last night of my summer vacation. Tomorrow is Sunday night, the night before my return to work.

As usual, I wish I had accomplished more during my time off. The time off itself was most relaxing. No worry of going under the knife like my throat-cutting last May 25. No week in Missi-freakin-sippi, hotter than the burning pits of not-Heaven, for basketball camp. No stressful family vacation, since I sent the family and had my own staycation. I put work out of my mind, relaxed myself into a stupor, and thoroughly enjoyed my break.

After I get through Monday, I will be on the long, downhill slide towards next summer.


Chickadee said...

This summer sure seemed to fly by, didn't it?

I know you're not looking forward to the school year, but you have such entertaining stories from the do nots.

Hope your year is relatively smooth sailing.

labbie1 said...

Did you get your dominos?

Hope the year goes well for you!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I don't like switching my routine. And last year was the best year I ever had, so it will be tough to follow.

I did not have to replace the dominos, because nobody lost any of them last year. But they did break three rulers.