Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Mrs. Hillbilly Mom Accomplished Today At Work

I spent nigh on 12 hours at work today. What did I accomplish? Not much of what I needed to accomplish. But aside from decorating a pear tree with a partridge, I did a little bit of everything.


went to office to ask for old textbook inventory which was not handed back yesterday

raided office file cabinet for highlighter, staples, paperclips, and old-timey attendance slips for substitutes

backtracked from classroom back to teacher workroom for blank textbook inventory form

updated inventory

roamed the hall searching for a way to print rosters

printed rosters

found the boys' athletic locker room

updated tornado evacuation procedure to new destination of boys' athletic locker room

updated schedule

completed emergency contact form

completed additional board-paid life insurance form

completed direct deposit paycheck form

wrote out donation for United Way of Hillmomba County

calculated replacement cost of new textbook

discussed two new textbooks that arrived with a bit out of their spine with the principal

set out three sets of syllabi for tonight's Open House

made copies of Open House sign-in sheet (good thing-needed 4 pages)

used Fantastik to clean off two desks used for holding sign-in sheet and syllabi

made copies of new inventory

found file folder used to store inventory

turned in new inventory and contact info to office

stapled bell schedule to bulletin board

searched (unsuccessfully) for grading scale that was on wall when I left for the summer

searched (unsuccessfully) documents, H-drive, flash drives for grading scale

made note to copy front-of-room grading scale onto colored paper tomorrow

was called to a meeting about a student by the secretary's son by order of the principal

went to wrong room according to secretary's son's instructions

found correct meeting room

told colleague to find my syllabus on T-drive to use as template for his new course

looked up syllabus upon his second request

found syllabus on H-drive and copied it to the T

laid out dri-erase markers and eraser

wrote name and subjects on whiteboard

contacted #1 son about squeal in projector speakers

made deal with colleague to take my game duties for extra fee

tried to utilize resource CDs that came with new textbooks

called #1 son for help with resource CDs

welcomed colleague who offered to help with resource CDs

amongst four people, made resource CDs work

made note to write two weeks of lesson plans Wednesday, the day before classes begin

greeted wandering student back from last year while working on resource CD issue and taking a call from Lower Basementia from a colleague/parent while trying to figure out how to take another call coming in at same time

said goodbye to student while apologizing to Lower Basementia caller for losing her on hold while #1 son fiddled with my phone

gave up and left the building for 90 minutes before start of Open House

Somebody needs to hop in the recliner and put her feet up for a while. It's the little things, people. The little things.


labbie1 said...

I'm tired just reading about your day! Teachers are totally unappreciated--I admit I didn't realize how long your days prior to the year are. Hope you have a great year! Labbie1 (PS Blogger seems to be having a DAY today!)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Blogger was crawling last night in Hillmomba. Thought it was my internet connection.