Friday, August 26, 2011

Out Of The Mouths Of Ponies

This evening I noticed that something had bitten my right hand between the pinky knuckle and the ring-finger knuckle. As I puttered about in the kitchen, I spouted out to no one in particular, as I am regularly wont to do, "Gosh, something bit me."

The Pony lay sprawled on the living room couch, fiddling with his laptop. "Was it a student?"

Thank you. He'll be here all week.


Chickadee said...

I laughed out loud at that one. Teens...they're just so witty aren't they? ;)

labbie1 said...

Bada boom! hehe

Hillbilly Mom said...

They make me work harder to polish my imaginary stand-up routine.

I'm not sending him out to the comedy clubs just yet.