Saturday, October 22, 2011

But Does It Make Me A Hoarder?

I have 94 sick days. What in the world am I doing with 94 sick days? Once I reach 100, I am technically giving them away if I don't use them. Because upon retirement or leaving the district, a teacher can only be reimbursed for 100 sick days. That's a whole semester, people. A quarter is only 45 days.

Of course, I hope never to be sick enough to need all those days. I think I've been hoarding them because my first year, when I only got 8 sick days, I had to use almost all of them when I had my gallbladder yanked out, and The Pony was a baby with an ongoing ear infection, and #1 came down with the chicken pox the last month of the school year.

The reimbursement rate is about 1/4 of what it costs to pay a sub for the day. What's up with that? I think my talents are at least on par with a person who has 60 credit hours and pops in to babysit students for 7 hours a day. Maybe I should call in sick, and avail myself to sub in another district. Then I could earn what my sick days are worth.

Of course, that little plan would cause a kerfuffle unless I got a really kick-butt doctor's note explaining that due to some obscure form of mental illness, I needed a release from my regular duties intermittently, with an opportunity to build my self-confidence by applying my skills in another venue.

I'm sure it could be done. But I'm not a trendsetter.

Next year, or maybe even later this year, I see no reason to drag myself to work when I'm not feeling up to par. No need to add a fourth notch to my red pen for going an entire school year without missing a day.

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