Friday, October 21, 2011

Swit Gin Yuss

I have become addicted to a show on the Food Network. It is called Sweet Genius. But the way the host pronounces it makes me refer to it as Swit Gin Yuss. That host is a most compelling character. He does not bite into an onion like it's an apple, as the host used to do on Iron Chef. He doesn't have a catchy name for his set like Kitchen Stadium. He's just very weird.

The host of Swit Gin Yuss has some freaky accent. I don't remember his name. But he looks like an alien experiment went wrong while crossing James Carville and Mr. Clean. He gives the four competitors an item to work with, plus a theme. Then when they are almost ready to plate their dessert, he sends out (on a conveyor belt) a totally unrelated mystery ingredient that must be incorporated. It's not a show for cooks with high blood pressure.

Some ingredients have included black garlic, wasabi, tater tots, duck fat, fusilli pasta, boiled eggs, dark stout beer, sour lemon candies, jawbreakers, dried seaweed, and for inspiration: a cat, jellyfish, a conch shell, a carousel, diamond, darkness, peacock feathers, a pearl in an oyster.

It's bizarre. But the best part, besides watching Mr. James Clean Carville spit out unpleasant bits into a napkin, is the moment he cuts a competitor with the words: You, (insert name), are no Swit Gin Yuss.

Yeah. It's like Chopped, for you Food Network foodies, but with the $10,000 decision resting totally in the mouth of one creepy-looking dude.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I will try to check that out ..... I am more of a Paula Deen cook. Can't have enough butter and heavy cream, you know. And don't skimp on the cheese, y'all.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Food Network. I think it is on late Sunday, and the new ones on Thursday. But I could be mistaken, because I generally surf through the channel guide and find it. I watch it for the ICK factor, and to see how much the contestants BS about what they did to represent the "theme."

I loved when Kathy Griffin had her D-List show on Bravo, and went to spend the night at Paula Deen's house. When she arrived, she was goofing around in the front yard and HIT PAULA DEEN ACROSS THE FACE WITH A STICK! I still laugh to think about it. Poor Paula. That's what she gets for being so hospitable. But she sure held her own with Kathy in the one-liner department. I wonder if anybody captured that stick moment and put it on YouTube?