Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday

The best thing about today is that it's not yesterday.

Among my trials and tribulations Monday were the following:

-had to make The Pony's lunch because he forgot

-ran late because The Pony's lid was stuck on his Axe antiperspirant

-had parking lot duty before school

-couldn't get into my Gaggle account

-three people I contacted couldn't get me into Gaggle

-had to try 20 YouTube videos before I found one that wasn't blocked so I could show my kids the Seabreacher that we read about

-forgot to bring paper plates, had to eat lunch off a paper towel

-had parking lot duty after school

-had a meeting after parking lot duty

-had to cook supper when I got home at 5:30

-had to wash dishes before I could cook supper

-had to add more potatoes to supper at the request of #1

-had to cook a separate supper for The Pony

-my knee ice sprung a leak, due to the way that #1 had put it in the mini-freezer

-had to meet a deadline, spent five hours on computer

-got four and a half hours of sleep

I'm hoping to hear the strains of the world's smallest violin.


labbie1 said...


Hey! I was watching Downsized. She is a teacher. In their school it is apparently a requirement that the teachers do something like 80 hours of volunteer school duty or they could be in danger of losing their job.

Question--is it the same with you or your school system?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm not sure about the volunteer duty. We don't have a choice. We are contracted for teaching X number of days per school year, "along with other duties as deemed necessary."

We all have an hour of duty once a week, for the 36+ weeks of the school year. Then we have a week of half-hour lunch duty once every eighth week. And game duty for athletic events a couple of times per year, though we are compensated for those.

But we pretty much are required to pitch in whenever a new program is hatched. No ifs, ands, or buts.