Friday, March 15, 2013

An Enigma Wrapped Up In A Riddle Enveloped By A Conundrum

Hey! I just made the most shocking discovery!

You know how The Devil's Playground tempts you with those fat yellow packs of Peanut M & Ms at the checkout counter? The ones that cost $1.00?

I saw some yellow boxes of Peanut M & Ms on the candy aisle! Not that I always go down the candy aisle, mind you...but somehow I looked up and that's where my cart that acts as my walker had taken me. There were those boxes, with the other boxes of candy suitable for smuggling into the movies. And the price was only 99 cents! So I told The Pony to grab a couple of them for me. Never can tell when I might be going to a movie, you know.

So tonight my curiosity got the best of me, and I cracked open a yellow box of those Peanut M & Ms. Imagine my surprise when, looking back at me from just inside the end flap, was A BAG OF PEANUT M & Ms!!! Not bright yellow like the box and the stand-alone temptress bags at the checkout...more of am eggshell hue with dark brown letters. But it looked just like that fat yellow bag.

Don't that beat all?


Sioux said...

Smuggling candy into the theater? Do people do that? What else do they sneak into the movie theater?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

The boxes don't really have more candy in them. I know this because a kid counted the number of candy pieces in the bag and the number in the box and informed me. Yes, he paid for both, but told me the box was a rip-off. One of my smarter customers.

Hillbilly Mom said...

The people behind me got caught swigging from 20 oz. (lightweights!) bottles of soda. The teenage usher told them to throw them away or take them out to their car, OR they would have to leave. The Pony and I giggled smugly when they returned, as he crinkled the inner wrap of his bootleg Cookie Dough Bites and I rattled my Dollar Tree SnoCaps.

That kid has a gem of a science project in his future.