Monday, March 18, 2013

Not Catching A Break

There hasn't been much joy in Hillmomba for the last two days.

Thank the Gummi Mary, the county put in a new bridge about five years ago. So here we sit, on the way home Sunday morning from procuring the life-giving 44 oz. Diet Coke, high and dry above the part of the creek we normally don't cross. Our gravel road runs up along the left side of the photo, behind that little orange bush. Oh, the gravel road was half-covered with brackish water not from the creek, but from the hillside, because the county did not replace the big culvert pipe they took out when making this fine bridge.

Yes, that bridge is a gem. We used to have a dippy one that would have had three or four feet of this water over it.

The real problem these days is our regular route bridge. The lazy trickle that's usually three feet deep and twenty feet across looks like the Mighty Mississippi.

Not a very good picture here, because well, the road is blocked and we were squatting in somebody's driveway. The depth marker white post thingy was visible, but not in this picture. It goes to five feet, and only the top three inches could be seen. We had hoped the water would be down this afternoon, but NO. I doubt we can get out that way tomorrow, either. The detour entails about six miles. Not that big a deal.

Our land line has been out since Sunday morning. Probably a flooded cable somewhere, ya think? Good thing all four of us have cell phones, and a connect card for our internet.

Nature is a harsh taskmistress.


Sioux said...

Good grief! You country people can drop a deuce wherever the need arises.

Haven't you guys heard of indoor toilets? Or even quaint wooden outhouses--how 'bout those?

And in a neighbor's driveway to boot! Couldn't you at least have done it in the grass? Jeezle!

Hillbilly Mom said...

FYI, Madam, we are the proud owners of TWO outhouses. One in disrepair, and the other a claustrophobic nightmare. I am confident that they are both infested with daddylonglegs.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I haven't tried to go anywhere, so I haven't had to navigate around any bodies of water. He Who Tows has been out and about and hasn't had any high water tales, so all must be well in "town"

Hillbilly Mom said...

Unless the vehicles were washed away without a trace, and didn't need a tow.