Monday, October 27, 2014

An Unfortunate Case Of Timing

Hey! Mrs. Hillbilly Mom! Can we listen to music while we do our assignment?

C'mon. You let us before.

We were quiet during the lesson.

So can we listen to music now?

What's that?


Whose is that?


That's nothing.

Um. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom? Can I check to make sure my phone is off?


So? Can we listen to music while we work?

You just listened to all the music you're going to listen to.

What? That phone?

Ha ha. The phone was music. Ha ha.

Seriously? Just because of that? You're not going to let us listen to music today?

No. That phone was NOT music to my ears. No music for you.

Ha ha. It wasn't music to her ears!


See? Mrs. Hillbilly Mom  can be fair and impartial. You scratch her back, she'll scratch yours. Except without touching, of course, because that would be...well...ICKY! As well as inappropriate. Yep. They are learnin', by cracky, that privileges are earned, not granted indiscriminately. As George Costanza might term it, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has hand.


Sioux said...

This was like a modernized version of "Up the Down Staircase." (Are you familiar with that book?)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes. I am familiar. I have it here somewhere in my hoard of books. I also saw the movie years ago. you really believe her book was a "fictionalized" account of her first year? Seems pretty real to me. Maybe she was just THAT good.

Sioux said...

Fact is often stranger than fiction. I think it was a completely true account...