Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sweet Gummi Mary! Don't Do As We Do.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has an issue.

I know. Stop the presses! How uncharacteristic of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom to have an issue! So unlike her to seek the grease by squeaking her wheel. But something must be said.

A funny thing happened on the way to the biscuits-and-gravy line Saturday morning. Gimping my blood-thinned knees up the hall as fast as humanly possible, so the gravy didn't harden, some might say, before I got my share...I glanced over at the teacher workroom. It would be of no concern to me on a Saturday of biscuit-and-gravy gorging, except for the fact that the faculty restrooms are inside. Surely you don't think Mrs. Hillbilly Mom would use the regular restrooms with the commoners, do you?

So I looked into the teacher workroom, and saw six young ladies sitting at the table. The table smack dab in the middle of the room, where some teachers spend their 22-minute lunch periods during the work week. Right in between the in-school suspension cubby, and the teacher mail cubbies. As my outrage was wafting off my countenance like stink off a road skunk, the aroma of hot wings tickled my flared nostrils.


Indeed. The hospitality room for the all-day volleyball tournament was our very own teacher workroom. Which kind of negates all the folderol and rigamarole of the confidentiality workshop we must endure each year at the back-to-school in-service. Where they emphasize the absolute importance of confidentiality in the workplace. How you can't hang student work with full names showing. How you must lock your computer or log out when you get up from your desk. How you can't leave papers on top showing student grades. How students in special programs must not be revealed. How IEPs should be under lock and key, and signed out by anyone with authorization who asks to look at them.

Yeah. And lists and forms and discipline referrals could be languishing in that workroom, right under the noses of students from Newmentia, and coaches and officials from other school districts.

Way to go. Time to start thinking of matching up actions with words.


Sioux said...

You are putting up too big of a fuss. Join us on the Lax Train...the train line where ketchup is a vegetable in school cafeterias...and where sugar is added to green beans and corn to make them more appealing to students in that same cafeteria...where funnel cakes used to be served for breakfast but birthday cupcakes could not be brought in by parents because they weren't healthy.

Hop aboard!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I already hitched a ride on the caboose. Last Friday, breakfast AND the snack for the after-school program was A SIX-PACK OF LITTLE CHOCOLATE DONUTS!

And yet, they can't serve mashed potatoes more than twice a month.