Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bully Woolly! Bully Woolly!

On the first trip up the driveway for my evening walk, I saw a Woolly Bear caterpillar. They are said to foretell the harshness of the coming winter, you know. I've been seeing them on the road, but without my glasses (makes you feel safe, huh) I can't tell how much of them are black, and how much of them are that rusty brown. Supposedly, the more black on them, the harsher the winter. If this little guy holds true to that superstition, then we have nothing to worry about here in Hillmomba.

Poor Woolly Bear! I had my hand-me-down-phone camera all lined up for a perfect shot, but then THIS BEAST came hurtling out of nowhere:

Don't you worry about Mr. Woolly Bear, though. Because after big bad bully Jack flattened him with one of his diggers while dancing on his hind feet in a ME ME ME bid for attention when he saw me with the camera phone, Mr. Woolly Bear revived. Uh huh. Exactly 10 minutes later, on my second trip down the driveway, the way back, I caught Mr. Woolly Bear trying to run away before we could squish him with a big fat puppy paw again.

Neither picture of the caterpillar is very clear, but that's the best I could zoom in on him without losing focus, or having a dog nose pop up on the screen. But if you look at how the setting sun glints off his woolly hairs, you can see that he is mostly rusty.

Too bad for my educationally-employed brethren and sistren...but so enabling for trips to town for 44 oz Diet Cokes.


Sioux said...


Say it won't be so.

Don't dash all my hope into smithereens.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I will perform further research to keep your hope alive. IF I can manage to take time away from doing absolutely nothing all day every day. Because I'm a giver like that.