Monday, October 3, 2016

I Refuse To Call A Doctor When The Patient Isn't Sick

Oh, dear. My Windows computer is sick again. You'd think that thing is unhealthier than Ali McGraw near the end of Love Story!

I haven't noticed any wheezing or coughing from either Shiba in the living room, or New Delly in my dark basement lair. Not even any sniffling. It's a good thing a man with a thick accent called last week to let me know they were under-the-weather!

Perhaps you remember how The Pony was horrified the last time it happened, when I SCREAMED as loud as I could into the receiver of the Mansion cordless phone, and told the guy to stop scamming me. Yes, poor Pony smacked his forehead with his hand. Good thing he doesn't have hooves. Still, I haven't had one call about my sick Windows computer since then. Until last week.

You know what I did this time? I told the guy to EFF OFF! Uh huh. And that I was tired of him trying to scam me. The Pony isn't here now. As I texted the #1 son this afternoon, telling him that and of my latest Windows computer adventure: "I grow bold in my retirement, without The Pony around to be a role model for. At least I didn't scream into the phone this time."

I think the Windows computer guy might have taken offense at being told to EFF OFF. Maybe I should have just screamed again. Because after only one short week, I got home from town today to find a message on my Mansion phone.

"...Microsoft Corporation has stopped the services in your computer. To renew the Windows License Key, please call ZZZ ZZZ-ZZZZ. I will repeat. This is to notify you that your Microsoft Windows License Key has been expired in your computer, so Microsoft Corporation has stopped the services in your computer. To renew your Windows License Key, please call ZZZ ZZZ-ZZZZ."


I sure didn't know that the license key has been expired in my computer! Either one of them. They work just fine. I'm really sorry that I missed that call. And doubly sorry that it was a recording.

I have a really good scream that's been building up!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

T would have done the same thing ..... well, maybe not the scream. That might have attracted a camper or two to check on me. I would have called my son, he has a back door into my laptop and will just fix it. He is a handy one, my son.

fishducky said...

With cell phones, you can't even viciously slam the receiver down to hang up on someone!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

So you've run topless across your yard, but you won't scream? You are SO thoughtful of your campers!

The #1 son also remote-controls my computer. He just installed a music program for me, since he quit paying for the one I'd been using. Let the record show that I paid HALF, and used it about 1/100 as much as he.

For some things, the old ways were the best.

Sioux said...

That phrase has real power. You should use it more often.