Friday, October 14, 2016

The Nom-Noms Are In!

Yesterday I had lunch with my best ol' ex-teaching buddy Mabel. I went all out, not making a terrible choice, but not making such a wise one, either. I had two big pretzel sticks with mustard dipping sauce. The only unfortunate detail of my appetizer meal was that the pretzel sticks were deep-fried. Like Krispy Kreme donuts, perhaps. Let the record show that nowhere on the menu does it tell you that the pretzel sticks are deep-fried. However...I had them last time, so I knew. pretzel sticks were real, and they were spectacular. Sorry there's no picture. They were gone before I knew it! I ate them with a knife and fork, although if I ever have a Snickers bar again, I will forego the cutlery. I heartily enjoyed my giant fried pretzel sticks, and as the last morsel crossed my lips, I suddenly felt remorse, and apologized to Mabel: "Oh! I meant to offer you a taste, but I just ate the last bite!" Mabel said she did not want to try them. She's a pretty good liar, I think. To my credit, I resisted the urge to pick up the bowl of dipping sauce and lick it clean.

When I got home, I knew that supper would be light. For me, anyway. Farmer H is another story, which will be told elsewhere over the weekend. I had my tastebuds set on my new favorite frozen meal, Great Value Salisbury Steak and Potatoes.

Only 340 calories! In case that means anything to you. As an added treat, I had a bowl of steamed carrots/broccoli/cauliflower on the side. Don't worry, I heated it in a regular glass bowl in the microwave, not that foam bowl that probably gives off none-too-healthy gases when nuked.

Are your salivary glands leaking yet?


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I would be happy with just the veggies! I love them steamed, but I loved them even more when they are roasted! The flavor is so intense. Just a little salt and pepper. Olive oil is good, too. Makes the seasoning stick and it is even good for you. Coconut oil is my next best favorite. I have taken to baking with it. This way I can justify that quarter loaf of apple/carrot bread I just scarfed down. It was good for me!!

Sioux said...

If somebody bought me a big salad, I could eat that and the steamed veggies. (I try to stay away from most red meat.) However, your dinner does look like it was delicious.

Hillbilly Mom said...

When I do a LOT of veggies, I put them in a roasting pan (identical to the one outside full of cat kibble) with a little vegetable oil, and sprinkle them with Hidden Valley Ranch Dip powder. Oh, and sometimes I lay bacon across the top. Farmer H enjoys them roasted like this (but mainly the bacon), and even The Pony strapped on the ol' feedbag when we had them.

Well...I wouldn't describe what's in that TV dinner as MEAT. You could always stuff portions of it in your borrowed-coat pockets with Gramma Mimma's napkins.