Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We Probably Shouldn't Be Allowed To Roam Freely About The County

I had lunch with my favorite gambling aunt today. While neither one of us gets up with the chickens, we do eat with the senior citizens. Early. The plan was to meet at 11:00 for lunch, but Auntie sent me a text asking to move that to 11:30, since she didn't get up until 10:00.

We drove separately to bill-paying town, where we planned to dine at Bison Tame Legs. Neither of us had been there since last summer, when we took The Pony and Auntie's grandson. Who's in his twenties, but not one to turn down a free meal. Today it was just the two of us, though.

Let's not forget that Auntie, most recently on one of our culinary excursions, ordered fries at Pizza Hut. And that when we go to Burger Brothers at the casino, she orders an Italian Sausage. Farmer H, who likes his taco salad to come from Hardee's, sees nothing wrong with this. I kind of do. At Bison Tame Legs, I had the naked tenders. They may not be legs, but at least they're CHICKEN. Auntie, though, had the little street tacos. Sweet Gummi Mary! We could have eaten at Hardee's if I knew she wanted Mexican food!

Anyhoo...as we were dawdling and fending off the waitress hungry for us to hit the road, Auntie said she had been to the city yesterday for a doctor's appointment, and that she ate at Tucker's. She highly recommended it, even though I rarely go to the city, and NEVER if I have to drive myself. But she insisted the food was delicious.

"You should look it up on the internet so you can see what they have."

"Okay. Is it a restaurant? Tucker's Restaurant?"

"Actually, they're a steakhouse."

"Okay. I'll look it up."

"Just look for Tucker's. It's by South County Mall. We were going to go walk around and look at stuff, but since neither of us can walk, we decided against it."

Let the record show that Auntie has new hips and they still hurt.

Anyhoo...you'll never guess what she had to eat at Tucker's that she was raving about. Oh, come on! You know better than to guess "steak." Uh huh. Auntie went to that steakhouse, and said they had the best PIZZA!

No point in this little tale, really. Except to point out that Auntie does not seem to choose restaurants for their specialty.

Let the record show my best ol' ex-teaching buddy Mabel that my calendar is open for lunch any day between now and...um...let's see...where's my social calendar...oh, yes...there it is...FOREVER!


Sioux said...

You're free any day except Friday.

Friday you need to spend with Hick. (And how long will be be gone on THIS trip? You lucky lady. You'll have the house to yourself.)

Could it be a slumber-sausage party? You, Sweet Juno and Puppy Jack?

Hillbilly Mom said...

He will be gone more than a day, less than a week. A nice relaxing respite.

Funny you should mention that. Last night I was late getting the evening snack to my fleabags, due to making Farmer H's supper. It was already dark, but they came running anyway. As I stepped back into the house, Jack stepped a foot over the threshold, looking at me wistfully.

"No, Jack. You stay out. You can come in when Daddy is gone."

Heh, heh. The look on Farmer H's face from the La-Z-Boy was priceless.

"That dog don't need to be in here! He'll chew up everything we've got! He stays outside!"

I told him, "We'll see."

I hope he doesn't cancel his trip!

fishducky said...

I like your Auntie!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

She's a whippersnapper!