Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Rumpuses Are Gonna Roll!

I demand that the dead-mouse-smelling post office workers get their dead-mouse-smelling rumpuses in gear! We went several days last week, you know, with a single piece of mail, that being a glossy, stiff, unwanted political advertisement trying to buy our vote with campaign propaganda. THEN there was the Columbus Day holiday on Monday, meaning that Tuesday and Wednesday, we got EmBee stuffed to the gills with mail order catalogs and other junk mail.

Here's the deal. I mailed the #1 son (and The Pony, too) a letter on Monday. Yes, it was a holiday. But I always mail on Monday, so I drove by and dropped those letters in the box across the street from the dead-mouse-smelling post office proper, at the drive-thru box next to the little park with the fountain in the middle that's turned off now because it's not the one month during the summer that they run it. #1 usually gets his letter on a Wednesday. Once he even got it on a Tuesday!

This evening, #1 sent me a text that he still has not received his letter.

You would think it would have arrived today. But maybe his own post office has been hoarding junk mail like the dead-mouse-smelling post office, and the carriers were too loaded down to carry a single letter like that in their official vehicle.

Here's what I find a bit disturbing. Yesterday, I went by to mail two bills. Yes, contrary to popular opinion and my checkbook register, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom DOES pay her bills on time, as long as she receives them IN THE MAIL! These were for our umbrella insurance policy, and for SPRINT, in their little recyclable return envelope. Don't get me started on that contraption again!

I was surprised that when I slid those two envelopes into the snout of the big blue mailbox, the one we saw a child's rainboot sitting on only a few months ago, the bills did not want to be paid! At least the envelopes didn't want to slide down the chute. They were stuck on something! I pulled them out and lifted them up and tried again, and they at least disappeared. I didn't reach my hand down in the mailbox snout to see if there was a logjam of paid bills, because WHO DOES THAT? There could be a crazed clown hiding down in there, ready to chomp my hand off!

Anyhoo...I don't think a mailbox should be stuffed to the gills with bills or other mail at 10:45 on a Wednesday, when the mail is supposed to be picked up every day except Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Even accounting for that holiday on Monday, that mail should have been shipped off from that mailbox on Tuesday, mid-morning. You can't tell me there was a rush of people mailing stuff Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning. Not enough to fill up that box. It's not even THAT stuffed on April 15th!

Somebody needs to get on the stick at that dead-mouse-smelling post office, or rumpuses are going to roll. At least if Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has anything to say about it!


Sioux said...

They need NEWman. He would straighten things out.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Maybe he could find a horse-faced guy with flaring nostrils and big teeth who would deliver on a Sunday! While whistling!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I feel the need for an investigation!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

You ain't a-woofin'! Here it is SATURDAY, and neither boy got his letter (with check). The #1 son says it sounds like a whole mailbox full disappeared.