Sunday, October 2, 2016

Where Cops Are A-Flockin', Don't Go A-Gawkin'

We had a real type of thing goin' down in Hillmomba, had a criminal element goin' down!

I don't know exactly WHAT was goin' down, but I can't wait to figuratively pick up the local online newspaper tomorrow to see if it is mentioned.

There I was, minding my own business, doing without a 44 oz Diet Coke in the gas station chicken store (somebody needs to pay closer attention to ordering inventory so they don't run out so often), when I heard a siren. I saw a police car go by, headed back toward the Mansion direction. When it's an ambulance, I worry. But Farmer H was home mowing, so I didn't figure he was Public Enemy #1 at this juncture.

I bought a lesser beverage, a 40 oz Diet Pepsi/4 oz Lemonade, and walked out to see flashing lights on the Hardee's parking lot. When I got T-Hoe onto the road and stopped at the light, I saw that there were 5 police cars, local and and county, parked at odd angles on the lot, and another local cop car headed through the light.

The uniformed officers were standing over a single subject. Looked like a big 'un! Legs like tree trunks. Birch. Yeah. Those legs hadn't seen the sunlight in quite a while. Makes me wonder why the suspect was flashing them around in those red athletic shorts and ankle socks. It looked like the police had the situation under control. The suspect appeared to be laying on his back, ankles crossed, like they make them do. I couldn't see face or arms or upper body for all the cop legs in the way.

I don't know if there was a drug deal goin' down, if somebody got chased off the highway in a stolen car, or if a lunch-eater in Hardee's was blinded by the glare of those white, white legs. All I know is that there was quite a flurry of law enforcement surrounding a suspect on the ground. Traffic at the lights was erratic, what with drivers gawking and not watching for their turn to go.

Glad I didn't plan on picking up anything at Hardee's for lunch.


Sioux said...

How coincidental. I got in on the tail-end of some excitement at QT on Saturday. Some drunk ol' guy was being escorted out of the gas station as I was coming in. When I left, the drunk was walking across the street (a 6-lane street) towards a motel (Super 6? Super 8?) where I've seen other, um... interesting people head towards after doing their grocery shopping at QT.

Excitement in the country. Excitement in the big city. Things are hoppin' all over.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Red shorts ...... male or female, or could you even tell? Hope it wasn't the cook!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'll bet that made you mind your Ps and Qs, seeing somebody get escorted out. Like you were so close to getting, taking those spy pictures of the gas station chicken counter!

I couldn't even tell. The legs were not muscular, rather thick, as on a woman. But the length of them was tremendous, as in a basketball player. I'm surprised I didn't lose my vision from even noticing that, due to the blinding whiteness. Which probably means the legs were shaved. Not that it helps with the other clues.

Now I'll feel bad if I read that an albino hermaphrodite with alopecia had a medical emergency at Hardee's on Sunday...