Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I TOLD You I Have A SuperPower!

Just in case there was any doubt about Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's superpower being serendipity...I present the following vignette from today's trip to town.

This morning I planned on getting gas station chicken for my lunch. You snooze, you lose, when you wait until actual lunch time to procure your gas station chicken. Last week, they barely had any left when I got there at 11:15. Silly me. I thought they probably put it out at 11:00, but it appears that it's at least 10:30. After all, I spent almost 20 years with my allotted lunch time starting at 10:53. It's only fitting that the chicken is ready early here in Hillmomba.

I knew I wanted to leave home between 10:00 and 10:30. I prepped Farmer H's supper materials so they would only need a-warmin' later. Cleaned a few items out of the refrigerator. I washed dishes. I checked the innernets. Watched a few snippets of Don't Be Tardy, which was apparently a partial marathon today. I took a shower.

By now it was 10:10. I fished around in the side of my purse for the chicken-buyin' money. Found my phone and went out to the garage. I heard Jack raising a ruckus down behind the house. I thought of calling him, but decided against it. I hit the doorbell-like button and opened the garage door. Climbed into T-Hoe and started him up.

The radio came on and--

Let the record show that ever since Farmer H had that metal roof installed, I can't get my SiriusXM stations in the garage. Once T-Hoe is halfway in, the radio goes silent. I can still get the regular AM/FM stations, though. Mostly, I listen to the satellite stations, and end and start my drives in silence. Not today. I'd left it on a regular station, 96.3 KNOU, yesterday when I parked. So, the radio came on, and--

I heard the announcer jabbering the end of something she was promoting, and in the background, the beginnings of my second-favorite song lately that I was hoping to hear,

"Thinking Out Loud." By Ed Sheeran.

Yep. Right from the beginning. The minute I turned on the car. Every little second taken up by my chores had led to this specific moment. Right down to how many swallows of water I took with my medicine, and the number of times I rinsed my mouth after brushing my teeth, and how many times I ran the pick through my lovely lady-mullet.

If I hear my third favorite song in the car tomorrow, I'm gonna be a little creeped out...


Sioux said...

Ed Sheeran IS talented. You know what they say--redheads are the most intelligent, creative folks around.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My days NEVER go that well!

fishducky said...

Why am I hearing the theme from "The Twilight Zone"?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I have an inkling that my sister the ex-mayor's wife would agree with you. Perhaps you could start your own society. You'd better pick the name, though, because she might name it after herself!

I have spates of serendipity. And then dry spells. These two magical days came after a very trying Monday. I have notes to tell the tale, but it gets so involved that it will be a 2- or 3-parter.

Maybe because it's your favorite song...

Today I did NOT hear my third favorite, which is a bit more obscure, being "Atlantic City" by The Band. Only their version. Nobody else's.

In fact, today I did not hear ONE good song amongst 10 stations during the 30 minutes I was in T-Hoe traveling to procure my magical elixir. And I spent plenty of time switching through them. Don't go worrying about Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's distracted driving. I have a button on T-Hoe's steering wheel. Don't even have to take my eyes off the road.