Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Mind On My Mint And My Mint On My Mind

As you may recall, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has been making wise choices. While she would love to kick back in her basement blue recliner every evening with a plate of FUDGE, she resists the urge. In its place, and in her LIT basement lair, she has a bag of LifeSavers Mints: Orange. Okay. She also has a bag of the Wintergreen, too, but we're not talking about them today. A few from each bag in the evening, and sometimes 1/3 box of Sno*Caps, and Mrs. HM is sated.

Last evening, I was getting ready to play an online crossword puzzle, and reached for an orange LifeSaver mint. They're not minty at all. Just orange. But not the clear kind like a regular LifeSaver. These mints are solid white, with orange speckles. So anyhoo...I had my eyes on the crossword puzzle, and felt something amiss with my mint.

That picture is after I had already opened the wrapper. But I put the pieces back in just like they were. I thought, you see, that a mint had broken in shipping. But then I took out the two halves, and they weren't mates at all! Not even proper halves. One was bigger than half. If I tried to put them together, I got this:

Yeah. It says "LIFE SAAVERS."

How could this happen on the assembly line? I watch that Food Factory USA show. There are computer and/or human checkpoints where something like this would get kicked out. It's called quality control. Somebody was asleep at the switch.

You know what, though? It still tasted the same.


fishducky said...

Why do mothers always get the broken candy?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Dark magic?

That's The Pony's standard answer to any question he doesn't know the answer to.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

So, it was sealed in the individual packaging, right? Are you sure it had not been tampered with? A conspiracy of some sort to do you in?

Sioux said...

Is Farmer H messing with you? Gaslighting you? (Is that the right term?) Is he messing with the Lifesavers, and then with special sealing machine he bought at an auction, is sealing the packets back up?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes. I opened it, then decided I wanted a picture, and had trouble stuffing those unequal halves back in.

Funny you should ask. Only YESTERDAY, I remembered your gaslighting angle, pertaining to yet another attempt of Farmer H on my life. Story may be here...may be there...