Thursday, September 7, 2017

No Rest For The Weary, More Work For The Wicked

On Monday, which was Labor Day, you know...Farmer H went to work.

Yes. I realize he's retired. He officially retired on Thursday. He went back to work on Friday for the annual employee filet mignon meal that they have to start Labor Day weekend. Then on Saturday, he took his truck to get some materials that were being thrown away. Actually, he's been at work more since he retired than he was when he was actually working three days a week.

So...when Farmer H popped back in the front door to tell me he was running up to work for a little bit...I did not get suspicious. Didn't even question him. Going to work. After he's retired. On Labor Day.

"I saw on Facebook that [REDACTED] is looking for the sprayer. He wants to use it at home. He was asking if anybody had seen it. I have it, so I'm taking it back. I'm meeting him at White Castle."

"Wait a minute. You have company property? Did you steal the sprayer?"

"No. I brought it home to spray the roof after the guys came back to fix that leak. I just forgot I had it."

"Doesn't this look kind of bad, you being done with the company, and having their sprayer?"

"No. I forgot about it. [REDACTED] wants to use it at home, too. It's not a big deal."

So...Farmer H took back company property, four days after he retired, on Labor Day.

I'm pretty sure Farmer H didn't steal it. He's very direct. He would have said, "Dang it! I thought I had me a sprayer! Now they're looking for it! Oh, well."

I think Farmer H is pretty safe from prosecution, even if he DID purposefully give himself a ten-finger discount on company property. Nobody is ever going to find it if it's here. I'll sign a search warrant myself.


Sioux Roslawski said...

You'll sign the search warrant? You'll probably file the complaint, too. Anything to get some time to yourself...

Hillbilly Mom said...

I am also available for judging, jury-ing, and executing.

fishducky said...

You're just a jack of all trades, aren't you?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes. But I put my nose to the grindstone for none.