Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I'm Sure A Toast Will Be Forthcoming

Toot toot! Hey! Beep beep!

That's Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, tooting her own horn again. Being such a naughty bad girl, bragging. But not about herself, for once. This time, Mrs. HM is bragging about her first-born, Genius.

Celebrate good times! Come on!

Genius sent me a text mid-morning, because that's how these young whippersnappers communicate.

"Just got promoted to Software Engineer 2!"

"Wow! That didn't take long! Congrats!"

"Thanks! Usually happens at a year."

"Does it involve a raise?"


"Reminds me of the time I worked in the junk store, and got a 10-cent per hour raise. I was so proud."

"I am proud."

"Of course, your accomplishment is a bit more impressive. Do you have more job responsibilities, or work on different projects now?"

"No really, but only because I was already functioning at this level. I've been the only primary engineer on our team's part of this project since February."

"Good for them, recognizing your efforts, and giving you the title and compensation"

Let the record show that today was Genius's 5th month anniversary of his job at Garmin.

He's kind of a go-getter.


River said...

4.86%? well done Garmin and Genius.
I remember slaving in factories and every three years or so the unions would fight to get us a 2-3% raise and it would filter in a fraction at a time over the next three years, until it was time for the unions to do their thing again. It all seemed terribly unfair to me.

Genius is obviously doing well at his geniusing. (new word)

fishducky said...

Way to go, big guy!!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Congratulations, HM! These days, when our kids are hard workers and good citizens and kind individuals, we need to celebrate. And your eldest is professionally racing up to the top. That's like whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah, it seems like when I was teaching, our yearly increase came out to about 1.5% when calculated from the salary schedule. I like that work, GENIUSING! I might have to steal it sometimes...

I will pass that on to Genius, next time I hear from him, probably in a month or so, or when he needs something, or has some horn-tooting news!

I can't believe you have no comment on my DISCO song references. Though I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and ASSUME that by CELEBRATE, you mean CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON! Because that's the KOOL thing to do.

Genius would perform at this level even it he wasn't recognized for it. Because he's accustomed to GENIUSING (TM River). It's not like he could make it through basic training (a bit of a hypochondriac with the slightest twinge of uncomfortableness) or become a doctor (almost faints when he GETS a shot). But for what he does, he does well.

As far as being KIND...Genius is, unless it's a blood relative, such as...oh...I don't know...maybe...MRS. HM!