Sunday, June 10, 2018

What's Good For The Gander Is Apparently Not Allowed For The Goose

On the drive back from Oklahoma on Friday evening, nearing the last leg of the journey, Farmer H had a conniption fit. He was sweaving us into Steelville, the last stop before the Mansion. He usually refuels at the Casey's, and we use the bathrooms, and I pick up some scratchers.

When we stopped Wednesday, on the way out to Oklahoma, I had won $5, and Farmer H had won $10. But I still had a $40 winner I was carrying around from the day before. Cut to the last stop on the way home. A couple blocks from Casey's, I asked Farmer H if he was going to cash in his scratcher. You know, so I could lay it out of A-Cad's glove compartment for him, when I got mine.

"I probably will."

SWEET GUMMI MARY! That man cannot make a decision!

"Well...I'll probably lay it out."

What's good for the gander is apparently not allowed for the goose. I thought Farmer H's head was going to explode.

"There you go. You've always gotta say something smart."

At least I wasn't saying something stupid!

"Well, I just said what you said. I don't know how it's okay for you, but not for me. I was trying to help you by laying out your ticket. Since you didn't know if you wanted it, I didn't know whether to lay it out."

With the giant toddler having his tantrum, I left that ticket where it was. I took my two in and traded them for four tickets and $25 in cash (which won me an Even Steven $20 back). When I came out, Farmer H was sitting in the car. Upon putting my winners in the glove compartment after scratching them, I saw that Farmer H's ticket was still there. Where I left it. Even when we got home. He can go look for it any time he wants to redeem it.

And maybe he'll take out his empty soda bottle trash, too.


River said...

I would have handed him his ticket after I got back in the car and said "here's your ticket do you want to go in and cash it now?"
Of course knowing what I now know, that would probably trigger a bigger Hick Tantrum....(*~*)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Even I knew better than that! I DID want to get home without dying. As it was, I might have been safe to poke the bear (I mean Farmer H) about that ticket...because he got behind a slow car going out of town, and had to follow it for 36 miles. That road is curvy, with only two places to pass. Both times, there was traffic coming in the other direction.

Sioux Roslawski said...

I cannot figure out why saying you will "lay out" the ticket was a SA remark, from Hick's perspective... unless the phrase "lay out" means something different in the country than it does in the city.

Sioux Roslawski said...

You expect him to clean up after himself?

To dream, the impossible dream...

Hillbilly Mom said...

It was the PROBABLY part of the "lay out" that got his goat. Since he used it, I figured I could use it right back. It's exhausting making decisions for him.

Sioux 2,
I don't want to look inside A-Cad when I go to the garage. If I don't look, I can ASSUME he threw away that empty soda bottle. If I look, I will KNOW that he did not.