Thursday, June 7, 2018

Inflation Hits Hillmomba

It's bad enough the price of gas has gone up. T-Hoe is a thirsty, thirsty 44 oz Diet Coke fetcher. Still, I fill him with the good stuff. $2.90 a gallon the last time. Even though I could have gotten the regular for $2.65. It comes out pretty much the same. I can go more miles on the good stuff, and don't have to fill up as often. And by fill up, I mean top off the tank when it's half empty. It's not like I'm passing up a bargain.

Gas isn't the topic that's shocking, though. It always goes up over holidays, and in the summer. Don't try to persuade Mrs. HM's conspiracy theory mind that gas prices and production aren't rigged! Is it REALLY a coincidence that the prices always go up at the same times every year? I don't think so!

Anyhoo...the point I'm trying to get to is not gas at all. It's CHICKEN! Gas station chicken! Take a gander at THIS:

The Gas Station Chicken Store raised the price of an 8-piece box to $79.00!!! That's highway on-ramp robbery! I was SHOCKED, I tell you, when I found none of my favorite parking spaces available, and had to park in front of this sign. That's $9.88 per piece! Why, I can remember when it only cost $8.99 for an 8-piece box. And then they dropped it to $7.99 for a while.

Wait a minute...maybe they aren't really charging $79.00 for an 8-piece box of chicken. Do you think? Perhaps that tree-limb-snapping storm that blew through knocked some of the lettering and numbering off the sign. Or maybe those just-graduated high school seniors were up to shenanigans.

We won't even get into the PowerBall Wine.


Sioux Roslawski said...

HM--If that chicken is selling at $79, it must be some mighty good chicken. Or, perhaps Farmer H's prospective employer is working with the gas station, and they're slipping a little something extra into each box of chicken?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I doubt that The Gas Station Chicken Store is part of a joint venture. The Lady Owner does not like to split profits with anyone!

River said...

$79! my eyes just about popped out of my head. That would want to be the tastiest chicken you ever had for that price. And it should come in a gold bucket.
I wonder now if many people went in to buy chicken and if not did the owner wonder why?

Hillbilly Mom said...

That sign was up for a whole day. It probably discouraged chicken-loving travelers, but the locals know the price, so knew it was a mistake.

Heh, heh! In a gold bucket, with $70 of lottery tickets included!

fishducky said...

Good fried chicken is worth ANY price!!

Hillbilly Mom said...


I had some SUCCULENT friend chicken at Golden Corral in Norman, Oklahoma, on Thursday. It's almost worth the 9-hour trip to have it again...

I'm pretty sure the Golden Corral chicken didn't cost $79, though.