Friday, August 3, 2018

The Most Effective Military Weapon

It hit me today. The most effective military weapon. No, I wasn't bombed or shot or skewered with a laser. The REALIZATION of the most effective military weapon hit me.

The Uniform.

Yeah. Who woulda thunk it? But I saw first-hand evidence.

I'd gone to the bank, switching around funds for parts of The Pony's fall semester charges. He's got housing and meals to pay for, even though his tuition will be covered by his scholarship. Across from the bank is a cemetery. It's one of the oldest cemeteries in Hillmomba, I think. Not as old as the vampire graveyard, but still old. It's surrounded by a rock wall about waist high, with pillars by the two entrances.

A white car was parked on the entrance road, facing out. Two young soldiers stood in front of the car. I don't know which branch of service, because I don't know my uniforms. They had navy blue pants with a red stripe, tan short-sleeve shirts, and shiny white caps with black bills. Perhaps they had jackets to don for official appearances, but had taken them off for the heat. I'm guessing they were waiting for a funeral procession of a veteran, or that one had just concluded.

Anyhoo...two local young men were talking to the soldiers. I assume they were local, because they were in the usual jeans and plain t-shirts worn around here, and were carrying a paper sack of Hardee's food, and a soda cup. Obviously walking back home from buying lunch at the nearby Hardee's.

I assume that these young men stopped to chat with the soldiers. Those uniforms made them look like a million bucks. THAT'S when it hit me. You don't need fancy TV commercials or a recruiter if your regular soldiers can attract interest with their uniforms. Especially in economically disadvantaged regions such as Backroads. The military is a way out. A way to gain status and respect. A career to earn a decent living and support a family.

When actual recruiters came to Newmentia, the kids would flock to them during the lunch period. The only worry those kids had was whether they could pass the physical.

Yes. The most effective military weapon is the dress uniform. It makes kids yearn to be one of the few. The proud. Or any other branch.Without soldiers, no other weapons can be effective.


River said...

I wonder if this is why private schools insist upon uniforms for their kids. so the rest of the 'riff-raff' will be envious and yearn to be part of something exclusive. So they will spend their lives making sure they have enough funds to send their own kids who will then continue the tradition.

Hillbilly Mom said...

That's a good question. I'd say it's true for the military academies. That, and to make everyone feel the same, part of the group, willing to take orders and fall in line. No room for individuality or free thought.

I'm not sure about the ritzy private schools, having no experience with them or anyone who attended.