Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Another Not-Glowing Product Review

Mrs. HM here again, with another critique of processed food sold at The Devil's Playground. After making food for Farmer H, food that I don't necessarily like or care to ingest, I want something quick for myself. This caught my eye last week.

They make it look really good on the package. Let the record show that it does NOT come in a clear bowl, but in a black soft-plastic bowl, with clear wrap on the top. Nor do the components pile over the top like that, but come about 3/4 up to the top of the bowl. And I didn't see any piece of chicken that big, but there was ample chicken included.

This meal was actually quite tasty. And filling. Of course, as with any prepared foods, it was high in sodium. But it DID have a lot of protein. Now that I've seen what's in it, I can make my own if I want, end even re-use that plastic bowl.

The other flavor did not fare as well on my persnickety palate.

The first thing I thought, upon taking it out of the box, was, "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" Seriously. There were only a few scraps of beef in there, smaller than a dime. And not as much broccoli as pictured, but enough slivers of carrots. The main thing I disliked in this bowl was the QUINOA. Let's just say I'm not a fan. It was red quinoa, which reminded me of chiggers. I don't like the texture, when those little dots pop. AND they get stuck in my teeth. Uh uh. Not a good meal for me. I won't buy this version again. It was mainly mushy, and kind of flavorless.

You're welcome. Now you can avoid the tasteless one, and I might have given you an idea of something to create for yourself.


fishducky said...

I am a big fan of Marie Callendar's turkey dinners, in the restaurant, not the frozen kind. The picture on the package shows slices of turkey laying on the dressing. The "slices" are actually less than 1 inch long. Slivers of turkey mixed with the dressing. I don't buy them any more!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I didn't know they served Marie Callendar in a restaurant! One of my former colleagues, from the Semi Weekly Meeting of the Newmentia Lunch Time Think Tank, used to bring Marie Callender chicken pot pies. More often than not, she let it overcook in the microwave. Not appetizing to look at, except on the rare occasion she got it right. Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing chicken in her pies...

River said...

We have the same dinners here in supermarket freezers, but they are different brands. However, like you have experienced, the Teriyaki Chicken is quite a nice meal, while anything at all with beef, broccoli and quinoa, any brand, is almost always mushy and tasteless. I hate quinoa, it sits in my stomach like a lump of lead and frozen broccoli and carrots are to be avoided at all costs. Stir fry some beef strips with oil and soy sauce add some fresh carrots and broccoli chopped fairly small, serve with boiled or steamed rice. Yes it takes time, but even leftovers the next day are yummier than the frozen awfulness.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Don't get Stouffer's here (in the UK) but I like the occasional ready meal and add a bit of this and that to gussy it up a bit. There's one of beef in red wine that The Man thinks I cook from scratch. Is it really awful of me not to disabuse him of the notion? Nah!
Around My Kitchen Table

Hillbilly Mom said...

Your version of the beef and broccoli sounds delicious. If I can find time in my busy schedule of doing absolutely nothing all day, I will give it a try.

I hope you don't mind if I call you Table! I figure we can be on a fourth-name basis! I say you don't have to reveal your culinary secrets. Your Man gets a meal that he likes, so the true origin shouldn't matter to him. He doesn't need to know.