Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crap Is The New Shrimp

Worst. Day. Ever.

If yesterday was a crap sandwich, today was an all-you-can-eat crap buffet. Like Bubba Gump's Shrimp. Only with crap. A Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors of crap. Make sure you ask for a fresh tiny plastic pink spoon if you're tasting. I am quickly becoming the Kobayashi of crap. Now all I need is a 4th of July contest to promote myself. If I went fishing, all I would catch is crappy. Okay. I know it's not pronounced that way. But folks outside of Missouri might not know that.

My insurance company continues to refuse my prescriptions. Still saying I fill them twice every month, once at my current pharmacy, and once at CeilingReds. CeilingReds people say their computers show I have not filled them there since July, just before I transferred them. Insurance STILL says I have absconded with approximately 3,485,087 pills since then. AND my current pharmacy says they don't know what to do, and I am on my own as far as finding out how to get meds, because today, the insurance rep YELLED at one of their workers.

I have put my insurance company rep on the case. We'll see how speedy that is. I have three days of medicine left. Seriously. Is there some giant black market for blood pressure and thyroid meds?

Let's see. What other logs were tossed on the crapfire today? It's the last day of the quarter, and in the midst of grading last minute absent work and homebound work, and making required parent contacts, I got a brand new student, with transfer grades to put in, and more grades from a returning alternative student, and the phone was busy for a solid hour after school, preventing me from calling two pharmacies and my insurance company, so I had to sit in T-Hoe on the parking lot with my cell phone, and the insurance lady got all smart with me.

"Can you call back in 15 minutes?"
"I can't help you now. We have technical difficulties."
"Then why did you answer the phone?"
"We were told to answer the phone."
"What good is that?"
"Can you call back in 15 minutes?"
"No. That is not possible."
"I can't help you. We are having technical difficulties."
"Then you need a message that you're having technical difficulties. Don't answer the phone and ask people to call back, and then tell them they have to call back or you can't help them. I have three days of medicine left because your records are messed up. And nobody can help me."

The Pony wanted to enter his short story contest tonight, but the website ate his application. That was right after entering pertinent credit card information. Then it wouldn't accept his log-in. Ninety minutes later, we had used a new email address and totally made a new application. Several tears were involved. Not all of them mine.

Such a high level of craptitude I have seldom encountered. Let's get back to the simple conspiring universe, why don't we.

At least Farmer H is exempt. He scored a free shower. More on that some day, somewhere.


Sioux said...

A free shower? Was it one of those "showers" people MUST endure, after being exposed to some biohazard?

What HAS Farmer H bought himself at the auction?

knancy said...

Well, I think Even Steven owes you a GOOD day. It is also time to get records from both pharmacies and take them to your newest pharmacy for comparison (in hard copy) and then lodge a complaint against your insurance company for breach of contract. You are paying them for their services. Trust me -I have over 37 years in the medical field. Then write scathing letters to the Better Business Bureau. Of course, it probably all boils down to a number or letter entered incorrectly in a computer somewhere. When ever Even Steven gives you time to do this.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It was not a Silkwood shower. And it did not come from the auction. Close. See my alter ego's blog to read all about it. With photo.

I love the sound of that. But won't such a response give me a letter in my file labeling me "difficult" like Elaine when she looked at her own medical records?

Today the pharmacy told me that my new insurance won't allow a secondary insurance to be billed, but that I can file that claim on a form and send to the secondary and make them pay their portion, because I AM paying for two insurance policies, yet getting nothing from the secondary. Which might help on my Tier 3 med that costs me $60 per month, which used to cost $35 with the old insurance.

My insurance rep through work is on the case, and has two people working on it, and says she will make them override it until they can get to the bottom of the problem. Still. I have two pills. Friday. Saturday. Then I'll have Xs for eyes, with my feet in the air. We'll see what develops on Friday.

I'm all for taking a sick day and billing my primary for an office visit to get some free samples. It will be cheaper for me than paying out of pocket for the prescriptions. That'll learn 'em.

I think they must be coding it as 90-day mail-order instead of a 30-day monthly supply.