Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To Me, According To My Ability

I'm not here tonight, because I'm at school. No. I don't need more book-learnin'. I'm at parent conferences. Though since the computer age overtook us, there are rarely any parents, and even more rarely any conferences.

Sure, Elementia schedules them like train departure times. But even when I was a parent...um...that doesn't sound quite right. Even when I had a child attending Elementia, I most often received a note sent home in the homework folder telling me that there were no issues, and it would not be necessary for me to attend parent conferences. Because apparently, nobody wants to talk to parents about their brilliant, well-behaved children who will one day be bringing fame to the district with outstanding test scores and championship robotics teams and academic banners.

Since I'm not here, I am sharing a picture of the Hillmomba Town Square.

We are not Harper Valley hypocrites, this is not a little Peyton Place, not even New England, but those fall colors are about as good as it gets in Hillmomba this year.

I know that's not a good picture. It's like a game of Clue. The Pony in a Tahoe with a smart phone. Pretend that Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has mastered the art of watercolor, and it will seem a masterpiece.

In contrast, I offer you a real picture taken by a real photographer with a real camera. The #1 son in the woods with a Canon.

That was last year. I'm sure that's why this picture turned out so much better. The fall foliage was brighter than. That's the ticket!

Meanwhile, I've got to attend to my conferences. I'll be thinking of you while you're here and I'm there. Ain't this scheduling feature the cat's pajamas?


Sioux said...

I hope you "do the time" without any complaining parental line...

Hillbilly Mom said...

As with toddlers and sales calls, dinnertime was the most popular time slot for inquiring minds.