Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Supermarket Bleep!

No word yet on ParkingTicketGate. But the #1 son has now been introduced to reality.

"Are those eggs I brought back still good?"

"Where have you been keeping them?"

"The refrigerator."

"They'll keep a couple of months."

"Well it's only been a couple of weeks. I'm going to fry some here in a little bit. I am tired of checking out a beat-up skillet and spatula. So I went and bought my own. I hate shopping at The Devil's Playground. Everything cost SO MUCH. Now I know how expensive it is to live. I would have loved to have some bacon with my eggs. But no way am I paying SEVEN DOLLARS for a pound of bacon. It wasn't too bad when four of us went in on it. But this is ridiculous."

"I saw some at Save A Lot for under five dollars. Don't they have a Save A Lot or an Aldi's down there?"

"No. But they have a Kroger! We went there to get stuff for the solar car."

"Wait. You feed the solar car?"

"No. Snacks for people working on it."

"Kroger is more expensive than The Devil!"

"Uh uh. In fact, I'm going to get a Kroger card, and start doing my shopping there."

"One of those keyring cards? I used to have one when we had a Kroger. But you have to watch out what you buy. It's expensive."

"They have orange sticker stuff that's CHEAP! They had boxes of a dozen deli cookies that were $3.50, but you could get two for four dollars with a Kroger card!"

"Okay. If that's where you want to shop, get a card."

"I will! The Devil is ridiculous."

Ah. My little boy is growing up. I'd love to see him pushing a grocery cart. Maybe I'll send him some coupons.


Sioux said...

My son, before he began college, thought that $60 would feed him for a month. When he told us that, his father and I had to change our underwear, we laughed so hard we wet our pants...

Hillbilly Mom said...

I guess he was fine with checking out a beat-up skillet and spatula.