Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shockingly Enough, Stamping My Foot Does Not Seem To Help

Farmer H took my little helper tonight. Purloined my basement home companion. After an hour, I was ready to call and tell him enough is more than enough. "That boy young 'un needs his down time, not time bonding with you while holding the end of a 2x12 for sixty-five minutes." Of course I didn't call him, because to call from my dark basement lair, I would need to use the land line, which charges us long distance to call our own cell phone. What a crazy mixed-up world we weave when first we attempt to obtain the best deal on land, cell, and internet.

It was positively barbaric, I tell you! I had to carry my own bubba cup of ice cold well water down the steps to my dark lair. Fetch my own knee ice from the mini fridge. Thank the Gummi Mary, The Pony returned in fine fettle. It's a grand surprise then one exits the NASCAR bathroom to find that The Great Toilet Paper Fairy Kringle has left a gift outside the door.

Tomorrow we have an early out. I can hardly wait to find out what new programs I'm expected to learn and implement in two hours. I'm still reeling from the Monday faculty meeting where we learned of a new website to search for Common Core accoutrements. But like one wizened internet maven asked, "Doesn't that mean everyone can look there? Including the students? Because it's not password-protected. And I guarantee they'll find a way to get this information." Que sera sera. It's the end of public education as I know it. Oh, and we're getting access to a magical new site that rivals Study Island. With video! Of course, with only two computer labs, both occupied by regular classes, and two laptop carts with 20-minute log-in times, I'm not sure how all this cutting-education is going to be implemented.

But then, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is a skeptical old curmudgeon.


knancy said...

OMG! Not Kris Kringle! My New Year eve visitor that would come through my Grandmother's mail box and leave candies and nuts in our shoes!

Sioux said...

Whoopsie. You need to not publish my earlier comment. I think I addressed it to the wrong person.

HM--Did you slip in a little REM, or was that just a coincidence?

Study Island? I haven't thought of that computer site for years...Those were the good ol' days.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Thank the Gummi Mary he doesn't come through our mailbox, EmBee. He might be bashed senseless by the local ne'er-do-wells out indulging in their shenanigans. And that shoe practice does not seem very sanitary.

You mean the one addressed to the Emperor of Hillmomba? That was correct. But I don't want to seem out of touch with the little people, so I deleted it.

That was just a coincidence. Though I DO feel fine.

Study Island is quite helpful with my biology EOC practice. WHEN I can schedule the computer lab.