Friday, October 18, 2013

The Coven Creates Havoc

I'm sure you will all join me in celebrating the fact that Mrs. Hillbilly Mom now has a chance to live 30 more days!

Yes, I got my prescriptions refilled today, just one short day before running out. That's the good news. The bad news is that the problem is still not resolved. Nope. Many many man and woman hours have gone into flushing out the culprits in the conspiracy that says Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has received 210 pills. Since July.

My insurance liason through work tracked down the problem to...take a guess...that's right...CeilingReds. In July. The insurance records show that CeilingReds filled two identical orders within minutes of each other. One on my new-in-July insurance card, and the other on one that had expired May 31. No mention of the one that was good for thirty days only. Yeah. It's kind of the school's own fault for doing us like that.

Anyway, the insurance company, who shall be known here a The Coven of the Show-Me State, got all smart-alecky with my rep when she asked why their system let that go through. Then they pointed the finger at CeilingReds, who took offense. And The Coven told my rep that, "Your client is going to have to get this straightened out, or she will have this problem every month."

That made my rep go ballistic, and she typed out her first scathing email (the only method she is allowed to communicate with them) to throw away before starting over so as to keep fences mended enough to maintain safety for her flock. "MY CLIENT is a layperson! She is only a teacher. She does not deal in matters of insurance claims. YOU are the ones who are going to fix this, or I am coming down there. Somebody needs to issue an override NOW, because my client will be without medicine over the weekend."

So I got another override. And medicine. Not 210 pills. Only 30.

CeilingReds is not giving the numbers of the transactions or some insurancy stuff that my rep needs to see exactly what happened. Supposedly they are sending the request up the chain. I don't trust CeilingReds. Or The Coven. Maybe I am simply suspicious.

I AM only a teacher, you know.


Sioux said...

No, it's not just you.

It sounds like, for CeilingReds, the solid waste is about to hit the electric air-agitator.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I don't know the greater of the two evils: The Coven, or CeilingReds. They are both shady outfits.

And I can't believe you missed my Jim Croce reference last post. Seriously. You're slipping.