Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sometimes A Great Nose-tion

Why is it easier to just go to work than to plan to be gone? Oh, how I long for my days working for the unemployment office, when my work sat patiently on my desk, awaiting my return. No need to tell anyone else how to do my job. No need to transport folders and hide tests and stash teacher-editions texts out of sight. No need to sweep my very special pens under the rug where they can remain unmolested and unkidnapped.

Tomorrow I shall reunite with my best old ex-teaching buddy Mabel. And in honor of the occasion, my nose sprouted a blemish this morning. Yeah. You'd think I was going on a blind date. Or to a dance with the big man on campus. I'm lucky nobody hit me in the nose with a football. Uh huh. Not that the swelling would be any less than that generated by the blemish.

I swear, it's like a unicorn horn poking out from my nose-tip. I could put an eye out with that thing. Thank the Gummi Mary it's not a quadricorn. That could break glasses and blind a four-eyes. Of course my hand is drawn to that area every two minutes, to check and see if that knight's jousting lance of a blemish is getting any smaller. It is not. I'm like Pinocchio. And that's the truth!

I know that Mabel won't care about my appearance. I'm just hoping that my vaulting pole and I can both fit behind the steering wheel of T-Hoe.


Sioux said...

Aren't those little "surprises" delightful? I love how hot flashes and zits can plague the same person...All I need--sometimes--is diaper rash, and I'd have every major phase of life covered.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It was like one of those unintentional noses on the plastic peg people that you jam into the plastic cars to play The Game of Life.

Melissa said...

I have had a tickle in my throat for the last several days, but every time I thought of taking a sick day, something important at school would come up. I have my first sick day of the year planned for this week to recover the day after p/t conferences. It's interesting how these sicknesses tend to pop up at unexpected times. Knowing my luck, my sinus problems will turn into a full blown sinus infection by then.

Hillbilly Mom said...

As I was signing my absence form the day I came back, I informed the secretary and the principal that I was SHOCKED the school was able to run without me for a day.