Friday, December 26, 2014

At Least I Didn't Pay $20 To See An Inaccurate Weather Forecast

Whew! This virus is kicking Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's butt. I've had a headache and chills and a temp of 100.1 since last night. Then today, when I finally thought I had gathered strength around 2:00 to take a shot up to 101.2 Where it stayed until I popped an aspirin with my supper of one slice of Casey's cheese pizza, and two shortbread cookies out of a blue tin that were a gift from my boss.

Yes, I've been starving a fever all day. That's hard work, you know. Time moves slower than sands through the hourglass when you're sick and waiting to heal. My mom, who has been housebound since Thanksgiving, and can't drive until May, was quite concerned when I called her to check in today. "Oh, honey. Is there anything I can do for you?" You know she would hop in that car and be out here if she thought she could get away with it.

Farmer H had the day off. Did he stay by my side to nurse me back to health? What do you think? He took off with the only other legal driver in this house, the #1 son, to go Goodwilling and car-shopping. Yep. They left around 8:30, and returned at 5:15. So much for my health. At least The Pony was here to pry the lid off my purple bubba cup and refill it with ice and water. Yeah. I'm weak as a kitten. Achy all over.

I'm close to calling this virus the flu. Even though I had the flu shot back in October. The flu shot that is 40% effective this year. The headache and fever and achiness lead me to compare it to the symptoms I had during the one and only time I had the real diagnosed flu.

Yeah. Those flu strain predictors are even less accurate than TV weathermen.


Sioux said...

Hey! This not the time to get sick. You need to get sick when classes are in session. You're frittering away your winter holiday with your fever.

Go to the Devil's Playground, pass those germs onto someone else, and get well.

Hillbilly Mom said...

You've got a point there. I never thought I'd be wishing away the hours on my Christmas vacation. But I was miserable yesterday. Today, I'm just uncomfortable.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

No, no, no, Sioux! Do not spread your germs at WalMart! I am sorry you are feeling crappy. Hope you are back to you old self soon!

Hillbilly Mom said...

The frolickers at The Devil's Playground received a reprieve today. I was too weak to do my shopping.