Monday, December 1, 2014

What If They Cancelled School And Nobody Knew?

Nothing much to report from Hillmomba today. Just after dragging myself out of bed, packing the lunches, taking a shower, and sitting down in the La-Z-Boy not for a chair nap but for bill-paying and #1 phone rang with the automated message that school was cancelled at Newmentia. While listening to that glorious recording, my cell phone rang with the message that school was cancelled at Newmentia. Then there was a strange text from blackboard-something-or-other that school was cancelled. I assumed it was at Newmentia. After ditching both phones, the cell perked to life again with a text from the limb above me on the phone tree saying school was cancelled at Newmentia. However...


I called the limb below me, who also has kids who attend our school. So she would have also gotten four notifications, methinks. But the limb below her has no school-age kids, and would have been left out of this notificationfest.

Not that anything got done today. I planned to pay the taxes and do some cybershopping. The taxes still sit at my right elbow. A few people will be getting Christmas gifts, however. Most of the day, unfortunately, was spent on the phone back and forth with my mom in the hospital, my sister the ex-mayor's wife who is taking care of almost everything, and Farmer H, who is my liaison who drives in the city and can go do whatever needs doing for Mom.

We are at a crossroads, where the hospital is giving her the boot, but doesn't know where she's going. One camp says she needs intense therapy at a hospital halfway home, another says short-term rehab at a residential facility near home, and one doctor says she needs brain surgery in two weeks. So...until we can talk to the doctors and not just hear Mom's version of what they say, she's staying put overnight.

Yep. No red bandana tied to the end of a stick for Mom. She's got a roof over her head and a bed under her back tonight. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

I really miss calling her every morning at 6:00. That's why I had the phone beside the La-Z-Boy. I keep forgetting that our routine has changed.


Sioux said...

Were you in your Crocs all day? I was wearing mine...

Hillbilly Mom said...

You are a psycho! I mean PSYCHIC. I did, indeed, have my RED Crocs on all day. My red Crocs, which are not ripped, and which still have their heel straps, jauntily tilted over the forefoot.

Not to be confused with the sad, smaller, abandoned pair of red Crocs that sit beside my mom's front door, patiently awaiting her return.