Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hillbilly Mansion: Now With More Horse

Ack! I was sure we would be out of school today due to snow. After all, the forecast was for, depending on assorted meteorologists, 1-3 inches, 1-2 inches, up to 2 inches. Ahem! We had absolutely NO accumulation, unless somebody climbed up a tree and measured the depth of snow on the branches. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I wanted to make sure. Fool me thrice, keep fooling me forever, because I'm a TEACHER, by cracky, and I must have hope.

I don't know why I cared about a snow day. I've been scheduled off on this date for over a week, for a doctor's appointment. So I dropped The Pony off at school, wiped away my separation tears (it doesn't get any easier after kindergarten), and headed for my mom's house for a short visit. No snow. Just an annoying mist that was too thick to leave off the windshield wipers, but too thin to keep those things from screeching on the slowest intermittent setting.

After the appointment, I had several errands. Once I was home, the dogs started acting up. Barking. Racing down the porch steps and halfway to the gravel road, warning warning warning something or somebody to stay the not-heaven away from the Mansion, or else...or else...they might just let the offender parade right past them and up on the porch.

When I left to pick up The Pony, I saw what all the hubbub was about. A HORSE. Yeah. My eyesight is not so bad that I can't see a horse. I saw the horse. It's our neighbors' horse across the road. The horses they drape with horse blankets in the heat of summer, and one of which they put a blinder halter on so it just kind of follows the other horse around. Don't know what their deal is, but no ribs are showing, so I guess maybe one is just nervous, and they're protecting their equines from some fly- or mosquito-borne illness.

Anyhoo, they have a bay horse and a dirty-white horse. Plus now, since yesterday, they have a little bay horse. It's the size of a regular pony, but the proportions of a horse. You'd think maybe my loyal fleabags might have gotten a whiff of the new small horse. But no. They were barking their fool heads off at the shaggy white nag.


Yeah. It was trying to get back in, I think. Being neither a horse wrangler, nor someone who cares about my neighbors' stuff (cough, cough, dead chickens due to their mutts, cough, cough), I did not attempt to corral their large mammal. I guess they'll find it, or find it gone, when they get home from work. It's not like the neighbors' neigher is on the freeway or anything. Gravel road. Mile away from blacktop. Sparse traffic on this dead-end spur.

I suppose The Pony comes by his not-really-caring-about-helping-people gene naturally.


Sioux said...

I'm surprised The Pony didn't gallop over to the loose horse to ascertain how it got out; he even could have helped the horse get back into its own pasture.

I guess The Pony doesn't care about those that are two legged or four-legged.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Ya got THAT right! I doubt The Pony would even lead that horse to water, much less try to make him drink.