Saturday, December 20, 2014

How Ya Gonna Send 'Em Off To That College When They Cain't Even Put On A Skirt?

Farmer H was sorely disappointed last night when he discovered that The Pony does not know how to put on a skirt. You might think this would be a relief to some fathers, but not to Farmer H.

"HM! That boy has no common sense! How can you think about sending him off to college? He won't be able to survive. That computer business has got to stop. He doesn't know how to do ANYTHING!"

"Well, he's sixteen years old, and he's being published in an anthology with adult writers. So I guess he knows how to do SOMETHING! Half his time on that computer is spent writing. You're never happy with him. He gets all 'A's and gets published. But you find something to complain about."

"HM! I told him to decorate the Christmas tree last weekend, and I found a bunch of ornaments on the pool table tonight."

"He told me he was taking one to the tree every time he passed by the pool table."

"I handed him the tree skirt and told him to go put it on, and he just laid it down beside the tree like a rug! That boy has no common sense."

Said the man who once dressed with his overalls on backwards, and left a banana peel stuffed in the cushions of the La-Z-Boy.


Sioux said...

Swilling out of a 2-liter bottle of soda? He is so smooth, calm, collected and debonair.

Sioux said...

Yes, I heard a rumor that Farmer H was simultaneously trying to knock down Michael Kors AND Miss Manners and take over as a fashion icon AND the gatekeeper of all things refined and polite.

I wonder what Farmer H would put on his label, if he was ever successful at starting up a line of clothes...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Have you been peeping in the Mansion windows again? How could you possibly know such a habit of Farmer H?

We are not yet ready for the clothing line. We're still on manners.