Friday, September 23, 2016

Farmer H Is Magically Ambitious

Thanks to blog buddy Sioux for leaving me a thought-provoking comment yesterday. Inspiration is rarer than perspiration around my dark basement lair these days.

As you may recall, I did Farmer H's trash dumpster duties for two days. Sioux congratulated me:

"Lucky for you, you have plenty of time on your hands to do everything Farmer H thinks you should be doing..."

Oh, yes. I can't believe my luckiness.

I'm surprised that Even Steven hasn't put the kibosh on my luckiness. Until he notices, the possibilities are endless. I might look out and see that my front yard is a meadow of four-leaf clovers with a few blades of grass sprinkled in. A horse may wander up on the front porch and leave me its shoes. The chicken cook at the gas station chicken store may hold on to my breast, and in an ensuing tug-of-war, I could get the big end of the wishbone. A bunny might order furry little prostheses and give me his feet. The Irish could call any minute to say they're giving me their collective luck. Shooting stars will probably keep me awake tonight, lighting up the sky.

Alrightythen...perhaps not endless. But at least six deep!

Seriously. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom IS lucky. Do you know what happened last night while she was pecking away at an online crossword puzzle on her New Delly?

Farmer H scrubbed the shower!!!


Sioux said...

What did he use to scrub the tub--your toothbrush?

fishducky said...

OMG, I'm in shock!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I don't think so. I heard him overhead, and it sounded way bigger than my toothbrush. Which reminds me of the time I accidentally (I SWEAR) knocked Farmer H's toothbrush off the top of the shower door frame thingy, and it landed on the toilet brush. He never suspected...

Let the record show that it was a BRAND NEW toilet brush that I bought at The Devil's Playground, and had not used yet. I'm pretty sure Farmer H hadn't used it, either.

I should have warned you to have the smelling salts ready. My bad.